Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Manohar Kidnaps Ishani

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman greets Kavya with aarti and says last time she did not greet her, this time she is greeting her with Kabeer. Kavya says last time she was orphan and this time she has her mother in Suman and whole family. Aarush takes Kabir and Kavya in. Kavya then thanks Jahnvi and praises her as a bond that keeps family united. Jahnvi smiles. Manohar drives jeep after freeing himself from Amma and her team’s grip. Jahnvi worriedly waits for Shayl’s call. Kavya asks why tension reliever Jahnvi bhabhi is looking herself tensed. Jahnvi says she is fine. She gets Ishani’s call and gets concerned when she hears Ishani shouting. Ishani says she is in parlor and beautician spoilt her eyebrow. Jahnvi scolds her not to call her for silly reason and informs Kavya what Ishani did.

After sometime, Chanda chachi walks to Jahnvi and says she heard Kabir is going to act in a superhero kind a movie. Jahnvi says Kabir is real army superhero who served country. Chanda says she liked reel heroes than real ones. Jahnvi walks towards her car when Dhruv enters with sindhoor and drops on her by mistake and asks her not to go out today as he does not feel good seeing her smeared in sindhoor and feels something wrong will happen. Jahnvi walks to her washroom and reminiscing Dhruv’s words gets tensed. She cleans herself, gets Ishani’s call and asks hearing her shouting in pain asks not to play prank again. Manohar speaks and asks her to meet him at given location if she wants her sister alive.

Jahnvi rushes in her car. Kavya notices that and informs Dhruv that Jahnvi rushed in her car calling Ishani. Dhruv reminisces Jahnvi telling Ishani befriended bad company and was in trouble once. He informs PK about this. Kavya says they should help Jahnvi. Dhruv says he can track Jahnvi’s location via his mobile. PK also accompanies him asking Kavya not to inform family. Midway, Dhruv’s phone switches off and they lose tracking. PK yells at Dhruv.

Jahnvi reaches venue and panics to seeing Manohar hanging Ishani above lake in air. She pleads Manohar to free Ishani. Manohar starts his heavy dialogues and shoots in air. Jahnvi pleads what he wants. He says a lot, but first she will rub her nose on his feet. Ishani asks Jahnvi to obey him, else he will kill her. Manohar says her sister is so selfish. Ishani bends and stabs Manohar’s foot with pocket knife repeatedly and takes his gun.

Precap: Manohar provokes Jahnvi to shoot him, Jahnvi’s hands shiver. Manohar says her father did not have courage to murder anyone and even she does not have. He kicks her hand and takes gun and shoots. Ishani stands shocked with blood falling on her face.

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  1. stupid and such a boring drama with no authentic story

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    Pk shots mamohar ?

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