RadhaKrishn 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Has A Plan

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RadhaKrishn 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha wakes up and thinks she is still on her bed, Krishna wanted to take her somewhere but did not, don’t know what he says and what he does. Card makers deliver wedding cards to Balram excitedly asks if they prepared cards so soon. They say it is Kahna’s wedding and they don’t want to delay. While they walk away, Shankchurn asur walks in disguised as card maker and asks Balram to return cards as there is some mistake and he will return them in the morning after correction. Balram agrees. He takes cards to Jatila and Ayan and says he stole their one day’s worth of hard work. Jatila burns cards. She returns home, and Ayan provokes Ugrapath that Krishna insulted him and he should take revenge. Ugrapath angrily walks away while Ayan and Jatila smirk.

Balram confronts original card maker to return cards. Card maker says he already gave him last night. Balram says he took back last night. Radha says they need to search cards, else it is difficult to perform waghdan/engagement ceremony. Ugrapath walks in with Ayan and Jatila and angrily asks Nand why did not he receive waghdhan card yet. Nand says they did not receive it yet. Jatila says one day is wasted, how will they perform Radha’s wedding in 1 day. Ugrapath says he needs to change wedding date then, he had dreamt a lot about Radha’s wedding. Yashoda scolds Balram and orders to get cards by evening. Krishna assures that Balram will handle situation. Balram fumes how will he get cards by evening, people will not attend ceremony without card. Krishna insists him to reach Barsana, he will do something. Balram resists. Radha also insists Balram. Balram says he does not trust Krishna, but is going on Radha’s insistence.

Radha takes Krishna aside and asks why did not he come last night. Krishna says he had some work. Radha says he dreamt of a different world behind their goshala/cow shed where they were dancing and it was a divine place. Krishna asks what else she remembers. Radha says it was beautiful place, she saw a weird person in blanket there. Krishna asks what else she saw. Radha says she felt as if the person knows her since long and wants to tell her something. Krishna says it may not be true and everything will be fine. Radha says when is sure, why should she worry. Krishna shows worried expression.

Balram reaches Barsana with his friends and says everyone are busy here, Krishna told he will do something but failed, now he has to invite everyone without card. He then hears people gathering and dancing saying they can see Narayan’s palanquin. Balram realizes Krishna’s plan and hopes he gets a card to invite everyone. Someone gives him invitation card. Balram addresses everyone to attend Radha and Krishna’s waghdan ceremony and enjoy special treatment. People say they all will attend.

Jatila shows her fake concern and asks Vrishbhan how will they make arrangements in such a short span. Ugrapath says it is a question of Barsana’s dignity. Vrishbhan says he is right, if arrangement is not made, then.. Krishna enters with Radha and says all wedding arrangements have been made and even invitation has been sent. Vrishbhan asks how did he do it. Neighboring village chief walks in and informs that they were carrying Narayan’s palanquin and Balram gave them special invitation, they all have decided to attend Radha and Krishna’s wedding praising their jodi as Ram and Sita’s jodi. Radha and Krishna look at each other smilingly.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that sun and moon are both sky’s elements and spread light, but both are compared always; both are different and have their own significance, so they cannot be compared to each other; similarly one should compared to others as each person is unique and their talent is different.

Precap: Ugrapath annoucnes that after sunset, Radha and Krishna’s waghdhan will commence and there won’t be any muharath till 5 days. Asur burns jungle and creates hurdle.

Update Credit to: MA

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