Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Narsimha calms down.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana telling the story of prabhu sharab. As sharab avatar and narsimha pounce on each other. Parvati goes and she starts praying and meditating, using her powers, devi parvati creates a new avatar. A new form to deal with the catastrophic situation!
Parvati glows and a divine avatar appears, the female form of narsimha avatar. devi narsimhani rides on a lion and she appears in the fight between sharab and narsimha. Devi narsimhani summons the divya waters and with it creates a golden liquid that shall calm down the anger of prabhu narsimha, she plans with prabhu sharab and the event takes place.
Prabhu sharab and narsimha pounce on each other. Devi narsimhani appears above them and combines the 4 pots of liquid creating a golden liquid. Sharab avatar extends his tail and as he is nearing prabhu narsimha, he extends the tail above their heads and holds the pot, thus allowing it to fall on narsimha. The golden liquid falls down on narsimha, and covers his entire body. Narsimha stops and stands in the same position for some time as the liquid works its magic on prabhu narsimha. Devi parvati summons back her form and sharab avatar stands down.
Prabhu narsimha’s anger calms down and slowly the world returns back to normal, the destruction stops and all calamities calm down. The people of earth pray to the god and thank him for saving the world and the people. Narsimha avatar disappears and prabhu Vishnu appears. Mahadev appears in place of sharab avatar. lord Vishnu smiles and he thanks mahadev and devi parvati for calming down his anger and saving the universe from destruction. lord Vishnu, the creator, uses his powers and puts the universe back to normal. All gods, goddesses praise Mahadev and lord Vishnu.
Lord Vishnu says mahadev, today you took an avatar, the Sharab avatar to stop Narsimha avatar. I shall always be grateful to you for doing this. Mahadev says Vishnu dev, you are the lord of intelligence, you knew what would come onto the universe and hence also knew you could lose your anger, thus you came to me before all this happened and warned me about it and asked me to stop anything and you if destruction arose. All gods and goddesses praise mahadev and lord Vishnu and devi parvati for intervening and saving the day.
Ravana says this way my prabhu mahadev, took the sharab avatar to stop Vishnu dev. Ganesh says without waiting, we should pray to prabhu sharab now. ravana is scared and says no wait, but ganesh already starts praying to sharab avatar. ravana is forced to pray too, and then a storm appears and Sharab avatar appears. Ravana says I have to hide the aatma ling, he puts it behind his back. ganesh understands and thinks Sharab avatar is the most powerful and fierce avatar and he stopped narsimha! No one can stop sharab avatar from killing lankesh ravana? What do I do now? sharab avatar notices the aatma ling, ravana runs with it for his life. Sharab avatar runs behind ravana to kill him and he pounces on ravana. Ravana stops and he closes his eyes and says I will be killed now. sharab avatar looks at aatma ling and then recalls mahadev’s memory of giving the aatma ling to ravana. Sharab stops and roars in anger and says mahadev gave you the aatma ling Ravana, but it wont be yours! I wont kill you, but you will be punished soon in future. Sharab avatar goes.

Precap: Ravana tells the story of mahadev’s Brahmachari avatar to ganesh. Parvati meditates and prays to mahadev, to marry him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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