RadhaKrishn 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandlal Exchanges Krishna with Nandlal’s Babygirl

RadhaKrishn 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vasudev reaches Gokul with baby Krishna and realizes he has reached his friend Nandlal’s village and thinks his friend may also be having baby today, so it is better he hand over his son to Nandlal. At Nandlal’s house, people nervously wait outside Yashoda’s labor room waiting for her delivery. Tashoda delivers a baby girl. Vasudev sees time freezing. A voice over says she is god of fate and asks him to exchange his son with Nandlal’s baby girl and return to jail. Vasudev walks into room and saying his son’s birth has happened for some special reason and apologizing his son exchanges him with Nandlal’s baby girl and walks away. Time resumes and things get back t normal. People congratulate Nandlal that he is a father now. Midwife gives Krishna to Yashoda

and congratulates her. Nandlal walks in excited. Yashoda says she will not show her baby to anyone. Midwife says father can see baby. Yashoda says god gave them beautiful baby.

Kirtida wakes up from sleep reminiscing last night’s incident. Vrishbhan calms her down saying their baby is fine and some passerby saved them. Kirtida says her baby stopped laughing after yesterday’s incident. Vrishbhan asks not to worry, they will return to Gokul to show their daughter to vadiya/doctor.

Nandlal asks Acharya to name his baby. Yashoda sees cows heading into Krishna’s room and runs in worried for her baby and is surprised seeing cows and peacocks guarding Krishna and Krishna’s cradle glowing. Acharya walks in with Nandlal and touches baby’s feet on his head. Nandlal asks what is he doing. Acharya says this baby has special attraction and looks special, he will bring prosperity in the world, so his name is Krishna. Everyone rejoice chanting Krishna. Peacocks dance. Radha in her cradle says Krishna. Vrishbhan hears that and asks if she chanted some name, can she again. Kirtida enters and asks if he is playing with his girl. Vrishbhan says daughter is father’s pride and it is his duty to protect his daughter, says he believes Radha will open her eyes after Gokul vadiya treats him.

Yashoda gets Krishna ready for celebrations. Nandlal asks her to hurry up as Gokul citizens are waiting for them. Yashoda asks Balram to take care of his brother and leaves with Nandlal. Balram taunts Krishna that he must be sad after he could not meet Radha last night, what will he do now and how will he fulfill his promise. Krishna reminisces Radha taking oath that until she sees Krishna on earth, she will not open her eyes. Balram says Radha stays far away in Barsana, will he go there flying. Krishna laughs. Balram thinks if he found a way to meet Radha.

Putna demoness walks in with Gokul citizens to see Krishna. She shows her real demonous form.

Precap: People dance around Krishna. Putna picks Krishna. Krishna throws her from sky. Post 16 years, Radha hears Krishna playing flute and thinks who is he, why she is getting mesmerized to his bansuri/flute sound. Krishna says he is going to meet Radha. Kans is introduced. Krishna thanks for becoming reason to meet Radh.a

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Rishika

    Wow it’s awesome
    Thanks MA for the update

  2. Kamalanayani

    The episode was awesome..
    But, can’t imagine Arpit Ranka – Duryodhan as Kans..
    Sumedh rocks as Krishna..
    The graphics used to show closed eyes of Baby Radhamaa is almost reality..
    Balramji taunting Baby Kanha as I am your elder bro this time was superb..
    Waiting for Maa Radharani to open her eyes and seeing her Kanha..

  3. Balarama said that he is elder brother in this birth to krishna , wat is d realation b/w krishna and balarama in previous birth or in d form of god .
    Can any one Tell me

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