Siddhi Vinayak 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi gets Manjari’s necklace on her first night

Siddhi Vinayak 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra agrees to bring gift right away. He is walking in the corridor and Siddhi is shown waking in the opposite direction.

Manjari smiles looking at herself in the mirror. Shankar has given me many necklaces till date but this one is different. It is special as he gave it to me on the first night after all! Siddhi goes downstairs. Rudra steps inside Manjari’s room. She worries that Urvashi might have spilled the beans. Rudra snatches the necklace out of her hand. She tells him that Shankar had given it to her on the first night. It is my favourite! Give it to me. He reminds her that she only told him to take whatever he likes. Siddhi loves it so I came to take it! It is her gift on the first night. Manjari asks her which Siddhi he is talking about. He points out that only one Siddhi stays

in the house. She suggests taking some other necklace as it is her favourite but he tells her that he too is her favourite son.

Siddhi hopes everything goes smoothly. We cannot afford any more mistakes.

Manjari chases Rudra begging him to take something else but he refuses. Siddhi likes this necklace only!

Siddhi decides to check on Manjari. She opens the door and Rudra passes by her room just then. He misses seeing her but Manjari does. She closes the door and sends Siddhi inside. Siddhi is panicked. We cannot fool Rudra for too long. What if he had seen me just now!

Manjari follows Rudra to his room but he closes it on her face. Forget that ever had this necklace! Manjari vows to teach a lesson to Urvashi.

Rudra gives the necklace to Siddhi. She happily wears it and thinks Siddhi is so lucky. I got this necklace because of her. I will earn very well till I will remain Siddhi. Rudra lifts her veil. Are you happy now? We are finally together. She nods.

Siddhi decides to call Gauri to make sure no one sees the other Siddhi. The door opens just then. Siddhi turns in surprise and ends the call.

Manjari is mumbling to herself about how cunning that Urvashi is.

Vin asks Siddhi why she looks so shocked. Were you waiting for someone else? She denies. You say anything. I dint expect you to come so soon. Dint you have dinner? He says I ate hastily and came home. She pretends to be tired and is about to change but he suggests going for Ganpati Darshan. Neither of us will sleep. The beauty of Mumbai increases during Ganpati puja. We will visit Ganpati ji just like we used to in childhood. She decides to freshen up. He decides to take Rudra too. He wouldn’t have seen pandal at night. She tries to convince him out of it but in vain. He asks her to come along to check on Rudra.

Rudra compliments Urvashi. The necklace looks really beautiful around your neck. Vin knocks on the door. Siddhi is hiding behind the pillar. Rudra thinks he came here looking for Siddhi. Vin notices a shadow in Rudra’s room as Urvashi runs to hide behind the door. Vin asks him if there is someone in his room. Rudra denies. What did you come to ask? Vin asks him how he is feeling now. Why are the lights switched off? Rudra lies he is feeling better. I was sure you will be awake. Come with us for Ganpati Darshan. Rudra denies on the excuse of headache. Siddhi goes away. Vin offers to put balm. Urvashi collides with a flower pot while hiding somewhere else. Vin gets suspicious. Is there someone in your room? Urvashi worries that her game will be up on the first day itself.

Gauri apologizes to Siddhi as she couldn’t stop Vin for too long. He wanted to meet you. Siddhi tells her it is ok. Vin is hell bent upon taking Rudra with us for Ganpati Darshan. I just hope he does not agree or we will be exposed!

Vin again asks Rudra if there is someone in his room. Rudra says it might be rat. Thank you for your concern. I will accompany you for Ganpati Darshan some other time. He wonders why everyone is so behaving so differently. Rudra was acting strange and Siddhi just disappeared. He notices Siddhi talking to Gauri downstairs. What are they talking about?

Rudra switches on the lights and finds Urvashi pouring liquor for him. She sings and dances on Dilbar song. Her phone’s camera is on. She is recording everything. Rudra drinks from the glass while Urvashi directly drinks from the bottle. She dances seductively with him. He passes out before he can kiss her. She holds him.

Vin asks Siddhi how she came downstairs. You came upstairs with me. She nods. I came here to drink water as I was thirsty. I saw Gauri Bhabhi here and started talking to her. What did Rudra say? He shares that Rudra wants to rest. Gauri mumbles thank God which confuses Vin. Gauri covers up saying that they shouldn’t force him to come if he is unwell. You both should go together for Darshan. Siddhi agrees. Vin wonders how she agreed to go now. She explains that she wants to go for Darshan just with him. We will then visit Lal Bagcha together. He tells her he had been only pulling her leg. She nods in relief and prays to Bappa that everything goes smoothly.

Urvashi keeps whispering. He asks for a kiss but she tells him to switch off the lights first. I am feeling shy. He asks her why she is still whispering. She tells him that Vinayak might hear them. he tells her he does not want to hear his name from her lips again. Take my name. She takes his name and then switches off the lights. She picks her phone and then removes her mask. Urvashi will make you mad in her love tonight and you will forget Siddhi’s name by morning!

Urvashi removes all her jewellery and opens Rudra’s coat. She kisses him.

Precap: It is morning. Siddhi thinks Rudra can come here anytime if finds out the truth. He will create a mess! Rudra wakes up and takes Siddhi’s name. He moves the hair away from Urvashi’s face.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode… but I still confused to see where that Urvashi made the video of (fake) Siddhi and Rudra.😒
    I think it’s all she is doing for that manjari…to separate SidVi🤔…
    Vinu, he has now doubt on Siddhi…😥

  2. Hope that Rudra will see the real face of fake Siddhi…

    1. There is no way that is gonna happen soon.
      I think shiddi will get pregnant and then urvashi or manjiri will show that video to vin and he will doubt who the father of the the baby is.
      But I hope not, because that will mean separation for vin and shiddi. Haha

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