RadhaKrishn 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Dilemma

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RadhaKrishn 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Boy tells everyone that he is ready to marry Radha. Jatila thinks what is happening, what is Krishna up to. Radha shatters hearing that and looks at Krishna. Krishna sadly walks away. Vrishbhan happily hugs boy and tells Radha that he did not think her alliance would be fixed so early, he fought a match for her at last. Radha walks behind Krishna. Balram stops her and signals he will go. He searches Krishna. Krishna comes from behind and askswhom he is searching. Balram asks to stop joking in this serious situation, why he is doing all this. Krishna says he should enjoy food and wrestling and should not worry about other things. Balram says he cannot see Radha sad and is worried for her. Krishna asks not to worry, he will find a solution. Balram asks when Radha marries someone else’s? Krishna stands sadly.

Boy’s mother hugs Radha and says she did not even dream that she will get such beautiful bahu and asks if they can exchange fruits/engagement tomorrow. Vrishbhan says why not. Radha asks Balram where is Krishna, she needs to talk to him right now. Balram says she should stay here. Radha’s friend asks Vrishbhan if they can celebrate with a dance with Radha and takes her away for practice. Balram thinks he will bring Krishna to practice venue. Jatila gets tensed thinking if Radha’s alliance is not broken, Ayan will be killed, so has to break this alliance and blame Krishna.

In jail, Akroor walks to Ayan and says it is time to send a message to his mother that she does not finish given task, how he will be killed brutally. Ayan writes message. Akroor says his life is very important to his mother and she will complete task for sure.

Radha’s friends practice dance while Radha waits for Krishna. Friend asks if she does not want to dance, they can return home. Radha says she will dance and starts dancing with her friends. Krishna reaches there and watches smiling. Balram says he sent him to converse with Radha and not enjoy her dance. Krishna says she dances so beautifully. Balram asks to understand situation’s seriousness and go. Krishna continues his jokes. Balram loudly says Krishna has come to watch dance and calls him. Radha gets happy seeing Krishna. Friend stops Radha and says let us go home if she does not want to dance. Krishna says he will speak to Radha while they can dance with Balram. Radha holds Krishna’s hand and runs aside. She asks if he does not care for her and just laughs even in this situation, she will be married to someone else soon. Krishna touches her emotionally.

Balram dances with Radha’s friends. Vrishbhan enters with Kirtida and asks where is Radha. Balram nervously says she went that side and walks calling her. Radha asks Krishna to find a solution soon. Radha hears Balram’s voice that Vrishban is searching her. Krishna suggests Radha to hide while he misguides Vrishbhan that she is not here. Radha hides, but Vrishbhan finds her and asks what is she doing here. Krishna says they are playing hide and seek. Vrishbhan says Radha is getting married and not a kid now, she should come and try dress for tomorrow’s ritual. Radha sadly walks with Kirtida looking at Krishna and thinking Krishna had time to answer her, but he did not, if he loves her or not. Krishna watches sadly.

Kirtida thinks it is question of Radha’s happiness, she has to do something. She walks to Vrishbhan and says she wants to talk about Radha and as a mother, she knows what is in Radha’s mind.. Boy’s family enters with gifts. Vrishbhan says pandit Dhrupad has selected time for fruit exchange and sends them with Nand. He tells Kirtida not to worry, their Radha is marrying in a good family. Radha looking at Krishna’s wrist band gift thinks she needs Krishna’s help.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that everyone like sweet water and not salt water, pearl is born in salt water after going through a lot of hardship, so one should be ready for hardship to succeed in life.

Precap: Balram informs Radha that Krishna is waiting for him. Radha says if Krishna reallly loves her and walks towards door when Vrishbhan calls her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Excellent love Story Radhakrishn such a lovable scenes. Why is not available as English translation for episode dated 01-01-2019. please update for the same.

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