Karn Sangini 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Confronts Shubhra

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Karn Sangini 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Purshottam’s aide informs him that Karn killed monster and returning back, they will kill Karn on his order. Purshottam nods okay. Shubhra walks to him. Purshottam says he does not like Karn suth putra as king, but Karn is a superior warrior and his aides cannot kill Karn. Shubhra asks him to do as she says and thinks Karn himself will leave Uruvi before amavasya and Radha will lose her challenge. Purshottam meets Shubhra next and says he did what she ordered, now it is time to keep her promise. Shubra says he will get back his kingdom and Karn will be left with neither kingdom nor Uruvi.

Karn with Uruvi returns to his courtyard. Purshottam requests them to reaccept silk clothes and jewelries and use all royal amenities. Karn’s aunts get happy. Uruvi says they are bothered about luxuries and want to serve citizens with justice. Karn says his wife is right. Citizens insist Karn to accept their request. Shubhra blesses Karn and Uruvi to be together always. Radha gets suspicious on her intentions and thinks what she is up to.

Uruvi gets ready like queen. Karn walks to her and doring shoes on her feet says he was feeling guilty that she has to face trouble because of him. She says he does not have to. He gets romantic. Radha knocks door just then. Uruvi opens door and asks if everything is alright. Radha walks to Karn and says Purshottam is up to something. Uruvi says Purshottam’s mind changed seeing Karn’s bravery and Karn deserves respect. Karn says Uruvi is right, let Purshottam do whatever he wants. Rahda returns reminiscing Purshottam and Shubhra’s words thinks something unseen is happening, Karn cannot understand their cruel minds.

Uruvi passes by Karn’s aunt’s room and seeing Shubra’s ring with Gauri asks if she stole it. Another aunt says Shubhra herself gave it to them and showing Pukeya’s royal coins says they came to know about Shubhra’s secret. Uruvi asks what is it. Aunt says they saw Shubhra meeting Purshottam and planning against Karn. Uruvi walks away. Aunts laugh that they enjoy creating confusion.

Uruvi walks to Shubhra and showing ring asks if she gave ring to Gauri and with Purshottam planning something against Karn. Shubhra says it is true, she could not see Uruvi staying like a slave and motherhood could not control herself.

Precap: Purshottam tells Karn that Shubhra threatened him and made him return Karn’s royal amenities.

Update Credit to: MA

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