RadhaKrishn 30th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Achyuta Tricks Radha

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Radha feels sad reminiscing Krishna rudeness for her in mela and telling she should not bother him if she does not love him. Achyuta walks in and asks why she is so sad. Radha describes what Krishna told her and says she loves Krishna the most in this world, but he spoke very rudely to her, etc. Achyuta says she had not accepted her love openly till now, soon Krishna will realize she still loves him. On the other side, Jatila applies medicine to Ayan’s injuries and fumes that Achyuta insulted him repeatedly and she wants him to take revenge from Achyuta. Ayan shouts and promise he will.

Krishna meets Balram who laughs reminiscing how Krishna as Achyuta taught Ayan a lesson. Krishna says because of him, Ugrapath is behind Achyuta now. Balram asks what next. Krishna says Radha accepted her love for him in front of Achyuta, now she has to accept it in front of whole world. He returns to Radha as Achyuta and says Krishna is very arrogant, he gave her bangles and says he bought them for Radha, how dare he is. Radha reminisces Krishna buying bangles and lying it is not for her. Achyuta says she will throw away these bangles. Radha takes bangles from her.

Akroor informs Kans that their soldiers failed to bring Achyuta. Jatila and Ayan walk in. Kans taunts here come failed warriors and asks why Ayan is still alive after being defeated by an old woman Achyuta. Ayan shouts he would have killed himself as a warrior for facing defeat, but he will not until he kills Krishna.

Achyuta sees Radha cooking and asks why is she cooking instead of Jatila and Ayan. Radha says they have gone out and expresses her desire to go out and enjoy nature like before. Ugrapath calls Jatila to serve him food. Achyuta serves him food and says Jatila went out with Ayan. Ugrapath gets more impressed. Achyuta sees a locker nearby and asks what is it. He says nothing important and looks nervous.

Jatila with Ayan walks to Krishna’s house to find out if Krishna and Achyuta are same. They greet Yashoda and offering her sweets start chatting looking around for Krishna.

Precap: Balram informs Krishna that Ayan and Jatila were up to something and searching him here. Ayan says they need to see if Achyuta is at home if Krishna is here. Krishna changes clothes and runs towards Ugrapath’s house while Jatila asks Radha where is Achyuta.

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