Spoilers 31st July 2019

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:

Happy and Rocky yearn for each other. She decides to leave from his life, but she realizes that she loves him a lot and can’t live without him. She goes to propose Rocky for marriage. Rocky heartily accepts her proposal, since Harleen is out of his life. Rocky and Happy get married. They get blessed by their mothers, Sandhya and Madhu. Honey gets happy to get his loving parents. Honey becomes a part of their marriage and welcomes them home with love. Happy and Rocky’s love story gets completed.

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  1. Shakti
    Just in two episode mahi that ugly aunty became big of sacrificing Harman for saumya.what a bluddy shit is been written in sites??????then what happened about Harman & saumyas 3 years of sacrifice in their life,what they struggled for 3 and half years for their unconditional love?????this hopeless character vedant & mahi from where they have come????both destroyed the life of Harman & saumya.that rascal vedant knowingly blackmailing saumya to marry him.and this rascal aunty making him unconscious & slept with him knowingly everything & planned him for blackmailing him & potraying that she is sacrificing her husband.do mahine ke pathi ka tyag dikha rahi hain.harman ne use touch karneka right tak bhi nahin diya & now she is emotionally blackmailing him.what a ridiculous thought by makers.none of the ladies will think of doing it.infact these kind of womans are rascal.one is mahi,lavneet,that teacher.3 years back the mahi was she upfront told that she will never marry such person whos first love is saumya.second sensible girl was jasleen who stopped marriage & never took undue advantage of Harman & she felt the love between saumya & Harman.what a disgusting aunty & charter is this mahi.she must be slapped right & left by Harman for what she has done with him making him unconscious with harak singh & preeto.harak & preeto must be exposed in front of Harman by mahi.preeto made her dressed like saumya & drugged him.why evils are not exposed ????what sacrifice that bluddy dirty aunty female has given ?????my foot.what a shameless character.

  2. Where’s Harlin?

  3. Shaktii Makers you people are really disgusting yaar.jis Harman ki jaan bachane ke liye saumya ne us criminal se shaddi ka natak kiya aaj wohi Harman ki jaan aise khatre main hain ki vedant bhi use nahiin bacha sakta.i don’t understand ab saumya kaunsa Harman ki jaan bachane ke liye vedant ke saath reh rahi hain.and that mahi oh my god that female she is such a disgusted woman yaar.saumya Harman ki khushi aur uska acha future chahti thi.aaj vedant aur mahi ki wajah se Harman death ke pass agaya,still saumya supports these two people????? Very very surprising.and hats off to makers what a role given to very happening characters preeto & harak.preeto aur harak ka ladla aur jaan ka tukda Harman tha.aaj ussi apni aulad ki jaan ko dav pe laga diya sirf apne waris ke liye???.preeto aur harak singh khush hain ki unko unka wariss milgaya bhale Harman mar jaye they do not have that guilt.aise parents se toh bacha anath (orphan) acha.saumya toh kinner hoke bhi preeto aur harak se jada sagi nikli.usne toh apni zindagi dav pe lagadi Harman ke liye.preeto aur harak jaise neech maa baap zindagi main kisiko nahin mile.bhagwan aise logo ko kabhi aulad hi nade.raavi said it correct they are not worth being parents.they spoiled both childrens life.raavi & Harman.and that mahi vedant characters they must suffer in life so much that they must feel their life is a burden for them.that pandit in the temple said those things he must have said to preeto when she was standing.but because of these evil people almighty spoiled the life of Harman & saumya.they both were a sweet little family with their child sohum.but makers spoiled everything.such a dirty disgusting show.how could that rascal woman can spend a night with Harman making him fool.what a disgusting shit is this.

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