RadhaKrishn 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha To Confront Krishna

RadhaKrishn 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Baldevi/Balram tells Gopadevi/Krishna that he is remembering maiya/Yashoda. Gopadevi/Krishna says even he is and soon they will meet maiya. Yashoda remembering Krishna prepares food. Nand asks if she is remembering children. Yashoda says no. Nand says why she is cooking skin and threw vegetable. Yashoda realizes it and says children are at her parent’s house. Nand says let us meet them tomorrow. Yashoda gets tensed that Krishna and Balram are in Barsana.

Radha thinks why Krishna is not doing anything and just watching her wedding happening with Vyomesh, if she is wrong by getting angry on Krishna unnecessarily. She sees lawn decorated with hr favorite flowers and sandalwood perfume and gets happy. Kirtida says whole lawn is decorated according to Radha’s taste. Radha asks who did it. Kirtida says who else than Gopadevi who was awake whole night to decorate lawn. Radha thinks why Krishna is doing all this disguised as woman, she needs to ask him.

Baldevi runs trying to escape from Dhama. Radha stops him and asks where is Krishna. He asks why she wants to know. Radha says she wants to know why Krishna is helping in her wedding with someone else when he loves her. Baldevi says let us ask Krishna itself. Radha asks where is he. Baldevi says must be with Vyomesh.

Vyomesh gets ready and asks how is he looking. Gopadevi says he is looking joker and scolds tailor for stitching wrong color combination. She continues taunting Vyomesh and asks him to try different dresses. Radha enters.
Gopadevi says Vyomesh’s fiance came. Vyomesh asks how is he looking. Radha gives him many dresses and asks to try them all. He goes to try dresses. Radha asks Krishna why he is doing all this. He says for her sake. She asks how can he let her marry someone else. He says he can and will be with her till her marriage is complete, she will be forced to think once her anger calms down. Vyomesh returns. Gopadevi says she will get him ready so well that he will look more prettier than Radha.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that time gives different experience at different moments; it prolongs when they are waiting for someone, but when they are happy it flies; it flies when they are with their dear ones and gets bad when they are with enemy; time passes in its own speed, one should keep themselves and others happy and look at brighter future, time will be always good; they should love and time will look lovely.

Precap: Krishna applies haldi to Radha. Radha asks how can he do this.
He says when he loves her, he can do anything. He asks if he is not angry. He says when his love is Radha, there is no question of anger.

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