Karn Sangini 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kasturi’s Evil Intentions

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Radha tells Kasturi that Uruvi told she has not lost memory and is acting. Kasturi acts as shocked and says how can Uruvi think so. Radha says even she was shocked hearing that and felt guilty for misunderstanding a girl whom her son trusts so much, so she came to apologize. Kasturi says she is elder and should bless her, hugging her thinks Uruvi sent her here, it is not easy to catch her truth. Uruvi comes out of table, picks box and returns to table. Radha takes table out and asks Uruvi to come out. Uruvi comes out and gives her box. Radha sees dry fruits and realizes Kasturi came to know about their plan, something must be very special in that box, they need to find out.

Karn’s aunt see box in Kasturi’s hand and asks if she got gift for them. Uruvi says yes, she got gift for them from Hastinapur. They excitedly asks if it is jewelry and asks to give it to them soon. Kasturi opens box, and they both stand free. Uruvi says they are her slaves now. Tantrik’s image emerges and he scolds he told not to waste his energy on any fools. Kasturi says she is using it on right people and orders aunts to serve her. They press her feet. She orders them to obey her and thinks she will hypnotize even Uruvi and make her her slave.

Radha and Uruvi discuss Kasturi is up to something for sure, they need to find out. Kasturi hears them and thinks they cannot fail her plan. Uruvi walks into Kasturi’s room and find aunts unconscious on floor. She wakes up aunts and asks what are they doing in Kasturi’s room. They say they just remember Kasturi gifting them jewelry and then don’t know what happened next. Once they leave, Uruvi thinks Kasturi is planning something big. Kasturi enters from behind and orders tantrik to show his black magic. Tantrik hypnotizes Uruvi. Kasturi says Uruvi is under her control now and should obey her.

After sometime, Radha walks into Kasturi’s room and sees her tied. She frees her and asks what happened to her. Kasturi says a thief came and tied her here. Aunts see items shattered and discuss Uruvi must have done this. Radha sees Uruvi’s earring there and gets suspicious. She knocks Uruvi’s door. Uruvi opens door in sleep and asks what happened. Radha asks if she was not in Kasturi’s room. Uruvi says she was sleeping. Radha thinks Uruvi’s earrings are saying something else. Kasturi reminisces tantrik ordering Uruvi to tie Kasturi and drop her earring and thinks now Radha will doubt Uruvi and soon Karn will also doubt her and kick her out of his life.

Precap: Uruvi snatches box from Kasturi and opens it. Tantrik emerges and asks what does she need.

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