RadhaKrishn 29th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ayan Manipulates Radha

RadhaKrishn 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha thinks Krishna tried to signal him many times, but she did not understand and blindly followed her own instinct. Aayan shows love pearls to Jatila and explains her whole situation. Jatila asks him to take these pearls to Radha right away and make sure Radha breaks them, they don’t have any other way to save themselves now. Ayan says he will force Radha emotionally to break these pearls, then Krishna will be powerless and he will easily kill Krishna. Radha in her room cries thinking why can’t she understand Krishna. Ayan walks in and says Krishna is really great and he is happy that his childhood friend Radha loves Krishna. He continues praising Krishna and showing love pearls says Krishna should be gifted these. He says Krishna deserves to stay in sky and Radha on earth, he feels Radha should break break these pearls and free the love in them. Radha takes pearls and says she will gift them to Krishna, Ayan can leave now. Ayan gets tensed reminiscing Kans warning if he fails this time, he will have to bear Karn’s punishment. Radha asks him to go and he leaves fuming.

Balram tells Krishna with what whatever happened today, he feels Radha has felt really bad. Krishna says Radha will understand that there was a reason behind his moves today. Balram asks if he will not help Radha. Krishna says he will play music of love which will lesson Radha’s pain. He plays bansuri to call Radha, but Radha does not go to him reminiscing Ayan praising Krishna that Krishna is sitting in sky and Radha on earth, so they both cannot meet. When Radha does not walk to Krishna, Balram says he feels something is wrong.

Ayan returns to Jatila. Jatila scolds how can he fail, their lives were bet on his success. Ayan says he tried his best and praising Krishna degraded Radha, but Radha did not deter and kept pearls with her to gift them to Krishna. Jatila panics that Kans will not spare them now.

Krishna reaches Radha’s house and asks Kirtida where is Radha. Kirtida says she went with Chandravali’s family to their home. Balram asks Krishna what will happen now. Krishna says disaster. Radha travels in bullock cart with Chandravali’s family. A sad song plays in the background. Krishna walks near Radha and looks at her..

Krishna gives moral gyaan that Radha’s pearl necklace broke and all pearls shattered, since it was dearer to Radha, he decided to refix necklace; similarly friends and like these pearls and are priceless; one should conserve their priceless relationship like pearls in a necklace.

Precap: Radha touches Krishna’s feet and says Radha is unfit for Krishna. Krishna says Radha is symbol of love. Radha says when she does not consider fit for Krishna, how can she gift him these pearls. Krishna tries to stop her, but she throws pearls and breaks them.

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