Bepannah pyar hai tumse…I love you intensely…AdiYa SS Part 8

Bepannah pyar hai tumse…I love you intensely…Part 8
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Zoya:That well wisher is none other than Nitya bhabhi.
Taani was shocked.
Taani:Nitya bhabhi?Are you sure?
Taani:Why should she do it?She loves Adi and you very much.

Zoya:Yes.She loves us very much.That’s why she stole your key and locked you inside on my request.

Taani was shocked:What?You made her do it?
Taani could not believe it.
Taani:Why Zoya?Why did you do it?I can’t understand what you and Nitya bhabhi are doing.But Zoya..the truth is that Adi and I don’t love each other.Adi loves only you.
Zoya said emotionally:I know that Adi and you did not have any affair.I know my Aditya more than anyone else.He loves me unconditionally and I know very well that only I have place in his heart.

Taani was shocked.
Taani:Then why did you accuse us and divorce Adi?I can’t understand anything.
Zoya burst into tears.
Zoya:I am diagnosed with blood cancer Taani.

Taani was shocked.
Zoya:I am an unlucky wife who does not have time to live with the loving husband.I did not want Aditya to waste his life by taking care of a sick patient like me who has no future. If I die my Aditya will live like a lifeless body thinking of me till the end.

I did’nt want that.I want him to forget me completely and move on.He deserves a happy life.For that he has to hate me.That’s why I hurt him a lot.Each time when I hurt you and Aditya I felt more pain than both of you.But I was helpless.In my absense Aditya can be happy only with you.Only you can give him the love and care which he longs for.Only you can be a good wife to Aditya.I trust only you Taani.That is why I did all this drama..So that Aditya and you will get married.I am happy that you both are getting married.Rajveer bhaiyya and Nitya bhabhi came to know about my disease.They supported me.Even my parents wanted me to live with Aditya always.But I blackmailed them emotionally to support me.And they too helped me in this drama.Nitya bhabhi and I did that purposefully so that you will be kicked out of your flat and you will be compelled to stay with Aditya.So that you both will come closer.
Taani was stunned.
Zoya:Taani…I am handing over my Aditya to you.Please promise me that you will be the best wife to Aditya.
Taani was in tears:Who can love Adi more than you Zoya?Only you can be the best wife for Adi.And don’t think that Adi hates you after what you did to him.He loves only you.May be this is called true love.
Zoya wept:But I am sure that your love will make him forget his pain of losing me and live happily.Please promise me that you won’t let Aditya know anything and marry him giving him all the love he deserves.
Taani nodded tearfully.
Zoya:My last wish is to see your wedding with Aditya.I will come for the wedding.
Taani:How can you watch your husband marrying some other woman?You have a big heart Zoya.
Zoya smiled tearfully.

Zoya went to the kitchen.

She went back to past memories.

Flash back…

Zoya was busy cooking in the kitchen.She was surprised to see Aditya coming there wearing an apron.
Zoya:Aditya..what is this?
Aditya:I want to learn cooking from you.Please Zoya..teach me cooking.
Zoya giggled:Cooking and you?
Zoya:Ok ok…
Zoya gave him instructions and Aditya followed them.
Aditya and Zoya ended cooking together having a lot of fun.


Zoya’s tears were falling down.
Zoya:Why those cute days have gone?

Taani hugged Rajveer and Nitya crying.
Taani:Why did you hide from me about Zoya?I came to know everything.
Rajveer and Nitya were in tears.
Rajveer:We were helpless Taani.Zoya told us to hide it.
Taani:I used to think what kind of girl you both chose for Adi.But now I realize that you both chose the best partner for Adi.No one can love Adi more than Zoya.
Nitya:You are right Taani.But Adi is not lucky enough to live with Zoya.
Taani:I feel guilty to marry Adi.Poor guy does’nt know the truth.We have put him in darkness.

Rajveer:Yes.But we are helpless.It is Zoya’s last wish.
All were upset.Taani walked away.
Nitya embraced Rajveer from back.
Rajveer smiled sightly.
Hearing her painful voice and feeling her tears on his shirt Rajveer could’nt suppress his pain anymore.His pain over flowed in the form of tears.

Rajveer looked at Nitya.
Nitya:Why this happened to our Adi and Zoya?Why evil eyes fell on our happy family?
Rajveer held her hand:Happiness is only destined for lucky people.Unfortunately our luck was short lived.Devils have done black magic on our family as they could’nt tolerate our perfect family.

Nitya:Then why God did’nt stop them?
Rajveer was painfully silent.They embraced each other bursting into tears.

While walking out of the room by mistake Aditya’s hand hit the door and got hurt.He looked at the wound.His mind went back to past.

Flash back…
Seeing Aditya’s wounded hand Zoya hurt panicked.
Zoya:Aditya…your hand is wounded and you are so cool.
Adi:This is such a small wound Zoya.Leave it.
Zoya:How can I ignore it?What if it becomes septic?
Zoya took ointment and applied on it while Adiya was looking at her lovingly.

Adi:You are so caring Zoya.
Zoya smiled and embraced him.

Aditya said in his mind:You were not able to bear even a small wound on my body.But you gave a big wound on my heart and left me.Why Zoya?Why?
Taani who passed by saw Aditya’s wound.
Taani:I will bandage it.
Adi:Leave it Taani.I am sorry.But it was only Zoya’s right.

Taani became sad.

Nitya went near Aditya and Taani with haldi bowl.
Nitya:You guys skipped all the functions.Haldi has to be done.
Suddenly Aditya remembered the past moment.

Flash back…

Zoya had taken up the responsibility of catering for a wedding event.Adiya and Zoya dressed in yellow and went for the couple’s haldi ceremony.
People said:You both look like the couple who are having the haldi ceremony.Both in bright yellow.
Aditya and Zoya blushed smiling at each other.
Adi:Zoya…Anyways everyone thinks that its our haldi ceremony.So I will apply haldi on you before everyone.
Zoya:What nonsense!Are you crazy Aditya?

Adi:Why?Why do i look crazy for you?Just applying haldi on you.Right?What’s the big deal?

Zoya:No no.It can’t be done as it’s not our function,but another couple’s function.So please’t come near me.Leave me alone.
Adi:Control your anger Zoya.You are behaving as though a stranger is coming to apply haldi on you.
Zoya:Whatever you say Aditya..don’t apply haldi on me..that also in front of everyone.

Aditya smiled in a naughty manner:Oh that’s the problem.You are shy.So you don’t want me to apply haldi on you in public,but you want it to be our private moment.Right?
Zoya:What? are talking too much Aditya.

Adi:Yes..I will talk.What will you do?

Zoya held his hand tightly:I will show you what I can do.

Suddenly she threw haldi on him.It fell on his shirt too.
Adi:Oh no.You spoiled my shirt.What did you do Zoya?
He removed his shirt.
Zoya felt like laughing seeing his condition.

Aditya frowned seeing her sarcastic smile.

Slowly he smiled:Don’t stare at me like this Zoya.I feel shy when you look at my chest.

Zoya:Chee…you are so cheap Aditya.
He giggled:I have the right to be cheap before my wife.
Suddenly some girls drooled over his shirtless look.
They:How hot you are!Can we take selfies with you?
To make Zoya jealous Aditya said:Of course yes.
The girls surrounded him and clicked selfies.

Zoya frowned.She could not tolerate it and pushed the girls away angrily.
Zoya:He is my husband.Just stay away from him.Otherwise I will punch you all so that you all will be bed ridden.
The girls:Crazy woman.
They walked off.
Zoya:How dare they look at your body? were enjoying too much with those flirty girls.
Aditya giggled:I enjoy your jealousy Zoya.You look cute.
Zoya:Stop it.
Zoya wiped haldi from his shirt and made him wear the shirt.

Bepannaah Si Mohabbat Ki Hai
Dil Ne Bhi Yehi Chahaat Ki Hai

Zoya:Don’t walk shirtless anymore.Understand?

Aditya nodded smiling.

Tere Bina Mera Lage Na Jiya
Tere Liye Hi Dhadke Jiya

Suddenly he took a pinch of haldi and put it on her cheek.

Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai
Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai

She blushed touching on her cheek.He turned back smiling.

Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai
Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai

He took a yellow rose bouquet from the corner and extended it towards Zoya.

Main Tha Reh Guzar, Tu ne Thama Iss Qadar,
Ab rahi na koi bhi fikrr.

Adi:This is for you Zoya.
Zoya blushed.

Main Tujh main Bannt lun, yun khud ko humsafar,
Reh Na Jaye koi Qasar.

She took it from him.

Tere Bina Mera Lage Na Jiya
Tere Liye Hi Dhadke Jiya

They smiled at each other.

Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai
Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai(Bepannah).

Aditya:Sorry Nitya bhabhi…I can’t.
Aditya walked away.
Nitya and Taani looked at each other sadly.

The wedding day…

Aditya looked at a glass bowl which had a cute couple toy inside it.

Flash back…

Aditya gifted Zoya a glass bowl which had a cute couple toy inside it.
Zoya:Wow’s so beautiful.This couple is so beautiful.

Adi:Just like us.

Zoya:Yes.And like this couple we will also be inseparable.

Zoya rested her head on Aditya’s shoulder.Aditya pulled her closer.


Aditya’s tears rolled down his cheeks.
Aditya:Though you said that we will be inseparable like this couple you yourself separated yourself from me.

Prerna was getting drenched in rain.Anurag came and held the umbrella above her also.
Anurag:Prerna..if you get drenched like this you will fall sick.
Prerna shed tears:I am already sick Anurag..I am mentally sick.So without any physical disease I feel pain all over my body.
Anurag:Prerna..I can understand what you are saying.I also feel the same.
Prerna:Poor Zoya.Tomorrow is Aditya and Taani’s wedding.She wants to attend the wedding.How will she bear the sight of Aditya marrying someone else?We used to do everything for her.Still we are so helpless that we are not able to do anything for her.As parents we failed Anurag.

Anurag wept:Prerna…you are right.Destiny is playing a cruel game with us.What can we do?But now our daughter needs us.We need to support her..we need to give her the strength to face the situation.Otherwise she will be shattered Prerna.
Prerna burst into tears:Anurag!
She embraced him crying.Anurag caressed her while his eyes became teary.

Taani was dressed as a bride.She was very upset.Adhiraj was very upset.
He thought:I am losing all my hopes to gain your love Taani.I lost you.
Adhiraj noticed her sad face.
Adhiraj:Taani…why do you not look like a happy bride?
She was silent.
Adhiraj thought:Why do I feel that you are not happy?
Adhiraj:Are you really happy with this wedding Taani?
Taani:Only if you are in my position you can understand my mental state Adhiraj.
Adhiraj:All I can tell you is..listen to your heart…

Taani looked at him painfully.

Aditya was sitting on the mandap painfully.The rituals started.They started taking saath phere.When they reached 3rd step Taani saw Zoya watching them tearfully.

Taani’s heart pricked.
Suddenly she said:Stop it.
All were shocked.
Taani:No..I can’t marry you by hiding such a big truth Adi.I can’t live my whole life with this guilt.I can’t cheat you.

Adi:What are you saying Taani?I can’t understand what you are saying.

Taani told him everything.Aditya was shocked.He was shattered.
Zoya was crying.
Taani:I am sorry Zoya.But I feel that what I did was right.If Adi marries me and loves me without knowing the truth it is not love.Our marriage itself will be a big drama.I can’t betray Adi or myself Zoya.

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