RadhaKrishn 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Vasu Manipulates King

RadhaKrishn 25th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Khyati asks Bhargavi if she is feeling good now. Srinivas says she is fine and he came to talk to them regarding Bhargavi’s wedding. Rishi Bhrigu asks what he wants to say. Srinivas says he has a suggestion. Bhargavi says they don’t need his suggestion. Srinivas says he will anyways and suggests Bhrigu not to select any boy for Bhargavi till Padmavati’s swayamvar completes as he will find many competent boys once Padmavathi’s swayamvar is over. Bhrigu likes his idea. Srinivas says he is Bhargavi’s guru and cares for her.

Bhargavi gets angry seeing him not bothered about her and returns his gifted bangles and also asks him not to teach her dance from tomorrow as she doesn’t want to compete with Padmavathi. Srinivas says he will teach her at any cost and promises that she will marry the boy of her choice. Bhargavi asks if he is not ashamed to give that idea to her father. Srinivas says she will thank him one day for his suggestion. She says he saddened her and asks him to go from there. Bhargavi returns home and hears Bhrigu talking about delaying the swayamvar as per Srinivas’ advice. She thinks Srinivas helped her instead and thinks she needs to find out what is in Srinivas’ mind.

Bala informs Vasu that king Akash and Bhrigu are having a meeting. Bhrigu tells Akash that he had to meet him at this time to discuss an important issue. Akash asks what is the issue. Bhrigu proposes Bhargavi’s alliance with Vasu. King asks if he is really thinking so. Bhrigu asks if he has any issue. King thinks how to tell him that his son is incompetent for Bhargavi. Vasu walks to Akash and holding his feet apologizes him for his misbehavior and shows his slit wrist as a self punishment. King gets emotional and forgives Vasu. He then telsl Bhrigu that once Padmavathi’s marriage finishes, they will discuss about Vasu and Bhargavi’s wedding. Bala thinks his plan is successful, now Bhrigu and king will get him married to Bhargavi.

Padmavathi dance practices in front of everyone and asks Srinivas if she will win the competition. Srinivas says he wants both his students to win and gifts her an anklet. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev why did Srinivas gift the blessed ghungroo to Padmavathi, what will happen if both Padmavati and Bhargavi dance similarly.

Precap: Srinivas writes a love letter for Bhargavi and expresses his desire to meet her in the jungle. She happily runs towards the jungle.

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