Meet 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajvardhan’s words shock Meet Ahlawat

Meet 25th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I have stitched button of your shirt it was easy. Meet Ahlawat says for you it might be easy but not for me I cannot repair broken things. Meet says I have one more way and give him stapler says you can use this also and leave.

Meet in corridor says I was going to laugh after seeing his face and father asked him right question I feel bad after troubling him but I’m feeling good at same time. Babita calls Meet in her room says come here I want to show you something and shoe her photo. Meet says you are beautiful. Babita says look at this photo, it was first time I went with my friend and I was so thrilled about trip I thought of having fun and I was super excited but before the day we were going out two if our friends got sich and we had to cancel trip I cried who night but you know I I’m excited the same way as I was before that finally you are leaving this house forever and I’m not sad because you and my son have decided to get divorce, I thought so much then I realised things are going good, I use to pray God everyday that you may leave house and now you are leaving this house and when you will be out from life I’ll get perfect girl for my son and we will be free from your nonsense, I hope my words are not hurting you. Meet walk out of room says to himself, I told father that trick my backfire me, mother will be happy if I leave I’m very worried about father’s plan and pray to god says I’m greedy now please give me what I want.

Tej walks to Ram Lakhan ask them what are you doing. Ram Lakhan says we are practicing for competition and we have already said to our friends that Tej master will train us. Tej says great and ask what is the competition. Ram says it’s cooking competition. Tej says what cooking I don’t know how to cook. Ram Lakhan says what you don’t know how to cook. Ram says this means we are set for embarrassment. Lakhan says we can do one thing we won’t go to school. Ram says yes. Tej says stop talking rubbish I’m thinking. Ragini passing by room. Tej calls her and says please come here I need favour they have cooking competition so can you teach them cooking. Ragini says I would have done but I’m already taking care of Isha she need much attention bow. Tej says okay then I’ll ask cook to teach them something. Ragini says if cook will teach them then how he will do other work, you are smart I’m sure you will find a way and leave. Tej says who will teach them now. Ram says one is there but we don’t know will she teach us. Lakhan says are you talking about person who don’t talk to us. Tej says you are talking about Sunaina. Ram says don’t worry Tej after all everyone in school will make fun of us. Tej says don’t dishearten yourself I’ll talk to Sunaina and leave. Ram Lakhan get’s happy and says mission successful.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in room. Meet says to him listing come to me with kitchen because I’m going to make tea so come and learn. Meet Ahlawat ask why should I come with you. Meet says we are getting divorced so you have to learn so I don’t want because of me anyone should be in trouble, you know Ram Lakhan will miss me when I’m gone so you should take there responsibility and what about Tej he will miss his friend so be his friend and you have to win faith of Isha but you are totally different and remember to give water to plant. Meet Ahlawat says she care about everyone even plants but not me how did she assumed that I’m different.

Shanty in hospital shouting says and crying says free me up from here. Abhay says don’t worry I’ll take you soon let medicine work and you will be all fine soon. Reporter walks in room says Abhay your son is sick and still you are stuck in serving city this should come infront of public so that everyone know how father is suffering for his son. Abhay says I promise you that every kid will stay away from intoxication and my son will be back soon but he is sad and media leave. Shanty says you are using me for politics. Abhay says whatever I’m doing is for us, election are coming soon and I don’t want to loose, public like person who is humble and take care of people so we have to maintain that, once I win the election I’ll take you from here, he start crying and says I also feel sad after seeing you in this condition, if I try to take you from here then I’ll loose election and I don’t want that, support me for some time more and I’ll take you from here. Everyone outside praising Abhay Rana saying long live Abhay Rana.

Meet in kitchen. Raj walks to her and ask how are you feeling. Meet says he is getting jealous but I think we should stop this game because I cannot see any sign, he is just like sad emoji, doing nothing, we should not do. Raj says you have to be strong only then we can win, when someone is sick a course is been given of medicine and if he stop that course in between the person gets sick again, right now it was our first strike and now you are getting weak, you love him and want to save your marriage so do whatever I say. Meet says you are right but what if we burn things. Raj says till the time he don’t says that he loves you till that time we have do this drama and now let’s think of other step. Masum listen all the conversation from outside kitchen.

Raj on phone talking to someone. He calls Tej and says listen get the best sweet in town because tomorrow few relatives are coming and ask Ragini to tell our chef to make best snacks he know and ask Masum to make proper arrangements of dining table and curtains and return gifts for guests. Ram ask who is coming, do we know them. Raj says no you don’t know but will get to know them soon and if by god wish we might start hanging out with them frequently and can be our relatives too and ask everyone what happen why are you looking at me, boy is super good. Babita ask are you thinking of getting Isha married again, no I don’t think she is ready for another marriage she is already in trauma. Meet Ahlawat says Mom is how will she handle to new relationship. Raj says the boy family is coming that’s final but they are coming for Meet not Isha because she is my daughter and my responsibility too.

Babita remember what Masum told her.
…Masum walks to Babita says Dad and Meet were discussing something which was so much serious…
Babita thinks so this was the serious conversation and says to Raj I like your habit how much you think about people and I love your decision and in that case I’m with you for tomorrow’s preparation. Raj walks to her and says thanks. Meet smiling while looking at Meet Ahlawat’s face. Babita says now mom is also on dad’s side ofcourse why not, after so many rivals husband and wife become one but this thing is not happening in my case.
Meet dressed up bring tea for a boy and give him. The boy get’s comfortable with Meet, Meet Ahlawat shouts and stop imagining that scenario. Tej says to Raj why are you so eager to find a voy for Meet till now they are not divorced. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj yes Tej is right we are not divorced. Raj says don’t worry when paper will get ready just sign it and why do you care at all why are you thinking of changing your decision. Mest says to Raj I don’t know.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat we use to understand eachother very well, we never hide anything from eachother, we have same name ‘Meet’, but still my Meet was unable to take me as his wife. Meet Ahlawat in tears lean towards Meet.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I don’t get whom I hate more Babita or Masoom😡😡
    They both are so selfish..
    Now I know jaisa bhai vaisi behan or beti
    2. I seriously wanted to Meet H. Move on rather than in this toxic relation where no-one value her, rather than keep on blaming her for their failures😔😔
    3. I hate even sunaina as well, she started to hate Meet H. For the decisions taken by tej, like seriously😡😡
    4. Zee writers are hell bound to ruin decent show..😡😡

    1. But then meet alhawat is not bad human being overall.
      He is egoistic like men around the world.
      So, I guess meet Hooda is taking chance for once so that she can lead a happy life with one whom she loves.
      Just due to self respect if you lose the life with whom you love to live with….no meaning in life !
      So, I guess any person ought to give a chance.
      Because he took everything in his hands when manushi returned and got rid off her cleverly…without even taking help of Meet Hooda. So, yeah…he deserves a chance and even she deserves a chance to live together.
      If no one compromises even for once, no marriage in this world will ever survive.
      Sometimes you have to bear the tag of mistake though you aren’t responsible for the mistake.
      Or else there is also no meanings marriage vows..
      But unless people don’t understand the thing called equality, this ‘compromise’ thing is going to run for generations 😂. I would actually love to live in a world where there’s equality and where everyone has a say in decision making. Especially I would like to see every mother in law and daughter in law as real mother and real daughter. That bonding would be amazing…in that case even husband can’t do much… can’t scold wife for silly reasons or out of frustration like in the Thappad movie 😂.
      Anyways…this equality won’t sit in – in this world – atleast for now.
      But then compromise ke alawa kuch aur chara hai hi nahi.
      Uska matlab ye nahi banta ki jhuthe jhuthe jao.. compromise ki bhi ek hard hoti hai. But compromise is a must.

    2. It’s ‘Jhukhe’ not ‘Jhuthe’
      These typos 😂

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      But in all this Meet H. Loosing her charm for which we use to like her..
      Meet A. Is egoistic that I agree, but Meet H. was different, she use to value relations but use to keep her self esteem and respect as well.. and currently she is losing that..
      She gets on insulting there, everyone behaves as punching bag for her and she keeps om forgive them, this is what not Meet H., She used to teach lesson, not a cry baby..

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