RadhaKrishn 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update

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RadhaKrishn 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Episode begins with Seven Maha rishis expressing their happiness with Radha for taking good care of them. They ask her to seek a boon. Radha says it was her duty to serve the rishi munies visiting her land..she could not demand anything in return.

Rishis explain it was her karma to serve them n what she would get from them.would be karm phal. Krishn is secretly watching n orchestrating everything..unknown to Radha. Radha seeks pavitra jal of 7 rivers for Shuddhikaran. Rishis smile n ask Radha to seek with both her palms.

As radha closes her eyes with devotion. The rishes transform into seven river goddesses. They bless Radha with a kalash filled with waters of 7 sacred rivers. Krishn bows before all the river goddesses one by one. Radha thanks the rishis for this boon. She then asks

Krishn to come n get purified. Krishn can hardly wait for pure soul radha to purify him with waters of seven sacred rivers. Radha is happy that Krishn will not need to go away from her any where. Radha pours water on Krishn. A sacred pool forms where she purifies krishn. Krishn names it Radha kund.. he also creates Shyam kund next to it n fills it with waters from Radha kund. Shyam can be complete only when he is with Radha…

Krishn helps Radha out of the pool. Radha Krishn inform Barsana n Vrindavan residents about Krishn’s shuddhikaran. All are happy except Ayan n Jatila.

Soon Radha notices full moon n realizes it was a great night for raas. Radha gets specially dressed up for the occasion. She rushes out hiding from her parents the moment she hears Krishn’s flute. Krishn too is specially dressed for the raas. Radha reaches Gokul n Krishn is pleased to see her. He tells her how they were going to have divine guest tonight. He would arrive at Brahm muhurat.

At Kailash Gauri challenges Bhola nath that he was good for tandav n he would never be able to perform raas. He accepts her challenge n decides to prove her wrong.

As all gopikas arrive..maha raas begins n Krishn tells Radha that he was calling her by playing this flute.

Krishn vaani
Krishn says she should be sure of our strengths. If we are unsure then we will always fear that the entire mansion would collapse over us..
But birds who trust their wings never fear about the tree falling down.

Precap: Lord Shiva is dressed like Gopi with costume offered by Krishn. Bhole bhandari happily dances with Radha krishn n gopikas and all Gods from heavens shower flowers at the divine performances.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. Nice updste sutaspasima.. But radha reached Vrindavan not gokul

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