Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa sees matsya avatar.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa and bhadraksh at the pond in their palace. Kansa sees inside the pond and says bhadraksh I am still getting those hallucinations by Vishnu. Lord vishnu’s matsya avatar swims in the water but kansa thinks it is a hallucination created by lord Vishnu. Kansa laughs and says Vishnu thinks I will be fooled, but I wont, I will destroy his avatar and all of vrindavan too.
In the village, all people pack their things and load it on the bullock carts. They start to go out of brij manda and people say we have to leave brij mandal as soon as we can before the flood hits, it the flood hits soon then we will all die, even prabhu Vishnu wont help us. all people head out of brij mandal.
Nand says to kanha, kanha all people are leaving the village, how to stop

them because they wont listen. Nand says we have already tried but the people wont stop as they are too scared of the upcoming flood. Kanha says father don’t worry I will talk to all the people and convince them to stay here. kanha goes.
Kanha thinks and says how do I stop the people? Kanha then says I know a way, only if I appear in the form of Vishnu, the people will believe me. kanha prays.
There as the people are going out of the village, kanha prays and appears in the form of a golden light as the voice of lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu appears. All people see at the golden light. Lord Vishnu says my children, you are my disciples and for me I have always thought of protecting my disciples from any harm. All people do pranam. lord Vishnu says, even today I know there is going to be a flood but I allow it because it is written in destiny, but I promise that I shall protect each of my disciples in such a way that nothing can harm them, you all should get back and live in the boat when the flood comes because that is the only way that you all will be truly protected. Lord Vishnu goes. All people say our prabhu Narayana has told us to take protection in the boat built by kanha, we should go back to vrindavan because only in the boat will we all be safe. All people go.
There kansa looks at the matya avatar of lord Vishnu as bhadraksh massages him. kansa says I still see that fish, Vishnu is trying to fool me but I wont be fooled this time, I will kill his avatar when he comes during the flood and anyway the first drop of this flood has come. Kansa and bhadraksh go to meet kalkey. Kansa and kalkey meet on the mountain.
There all people come to kanha near the boat. Kanha says people it is good you all came because we built this boat only for your protection. The people say kanha forgive us we did not believe you before but we will now, we will help you complete the construction of the boat. Some people join in to build the boat. Kanha says rest of you go back to the village, unless the flood comes we are safe but when it happens we all will come to this boat and it will save us.
Kansa meets kalkey and says kalkey when will the flood come? Kalkey says kansa, the beginning of the flood has started and the first drop has already fallen. Another drop of rain falls on kansa and kansa says another drop fell on me kansa laughs and dances and says now the flood shall start and I will see all people die myself. Kansa laughs.
In vrindavan, all people help kanha build the rest of the boat faster. The boat is built faster due to more man power.

Precap: the brahmins of brij mandal come to vrindavan and say to all people and nand, that they shall decide who enters the boat and who doesn’t. nand denies such a choice of life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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