RadhaKrishn 24th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Shukracharya’s Shocking Plan

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Radha prays Mahadev’s ling across river bank and praises Mahadev’s leela/magic that nothing happened to ling in flood. Her friends walk to her and she asks if they brought what she ordered. They say yes and show their pots. Krishna walks to them and asks what is happening. They say cannot reveal. Guru Shukracharya does Mahadev’s pooja and seeks him. Mahadev emerges. Shukracharya requests Mahadev to help him get halahal/poison from deep inside earth. Mahadev warns a drop of halahal can destroy whole universe, why he needs that. Shukracharya says he wants to use it against Narayan/Krishna to take revenge as his mother died because of Shukracharya. Mahadev says no one is escaped from the wrath of revenge, he will burn himself in revenge. Shukracharya shouts he just wants to take revenge from Narayan. Mahadev warns that he should be ready to face the consequences of his deed.

Radha continues questioning Krishna. Krishna finally agrees to reveal about himself. Amazed, Radha asks if he really will. Krishna asks to look into his eyes. Radha sees kid Krishna insisting Yashoda to give him butter. Yashoda says she will not as he has gove very mischievous. Krishna says he will take it forcefully himself. Yashoda scolds him. Radha comes to meet Krishna. Krishna requests Balram to break butter pot hanging high and get butter for Radha. Balram denies. Krisha climbs on his friends’ shoulders, breaks butter pot, gets butter on his hands and feeds it to Radha. Yashoda returns and scolds Krishna for stealing butter. Krishna signs he did not eat butter. Yashoda asks Radha who sings that Krishna stole butter and Balram backs her with his signing. Krishna finally agrees that he ate butter. Out of flashback, Radha asks Krishna if he stole butter for her. He nods yes. She asks if he knows they are preparing butter for him. He says yes. She asks how. He says just now she told him and says just like he got butter for her by breaking butter pot, he wants her to help him break it again. Radha agrees.

Kans does havan and gets a protective shield pot. Shukracharya enters with halahal drop on his walking stick and immerses it in protective shield pot. Kans laughs that Radha herself will be reason to kill Krishna now.

Precap: Radha and Krishna dance together with their friends.

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