Nimki Vidhayak 24th August 2019 Written Episode Update: New Babbu is introduced

Nimki Vidhayak 24th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadi dances with Minto (Babbu’s new character). His friend comes there to call him. Dadi scolds him for messing with their video. He says I am sorry. Minto asks Dadi to not worry. He scolds his friend for talking back to Dadi. He says I came for a work, water pipe broke and all water is lost. Minto says I told you that pipe is going to break, he gives him number for a plumber. He thanks and leaves. Minto says lets make video again.

At night, Nimki is showing guys’ photos to Mono and asks him to find one for her. Dumri is cooking in kitchen. Nimki says she keeps irritating us here. Dumri says I will leave if you say all that. Nimki says help me find an MLA. Dumri says you are passing time. Nimki says I am serious, find a handsome guy for me. Dumri says all these MLAs are scary, she looks at one photo and says he looks like our BDO.. Nimki ignores her and says find a powerful man for me. Dumri says you married Babbu like this. Mono says she is right, you saw his money and face. Dumri says find a person with good heart. Nimki says I am driving my life’s car this time, I wont let any Babbu come in my life.

Minto comes in market and drinks tea. He talks with his friends. Friend says you should control your Dadi. Minto says she was making a video, she gets angry. Minto says he is taking a part a rally, we have to make our society proud.

Scene 2
In morning, Minto is leading a rally and protest against government. He chants against minister. They hear a bike stopping there. Nimki enters there in style. Minto doesnt see her as he in back. Nimki murmurs they are all here for me? She comes down from bike. People are chanting against ministers. Press asks Nimki what she wants to say about protests? Nimki says I dont know. Let me go inside so I can talk to government. She starts going inside. Minto is walking towards her. Nimki’s necklace falls down. Minto takes it and sees her face. He is mesmerized. His friend calls him so he throws Nimki’s necklace back and goes to him. Nimki starts going inside. Minot calls her.

PRECAP- Nimki says in assembly that people are worried about kids’ food, we can end MLAs subsidy, all shout at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Sukanya Manjhi

    Dear Zama Habib Sahib and other makers, your ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ started in right earnest, and was appreciated by one and all. However, down the line, you became dishonest with the script, and made a villain out of a hero, Babbu Singh, and vamp out its Heroine Nimki. In fact, you were (and are) so confused, or were (and are) so obsessed with twists-and-turns and dramas that ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ turned into a fiasco. Your spin-off ‘ Nimki Vidhayak’ from ‘Nimki Mukhiya’, too heads for disappointment, unless you take mid-course corrections in re-shaping your characters, especially that of Nimki, to restore the confidence of the audience seated in the commentary box as well as those in the galleries. To begin with, you must accept that Nimki of ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ is a sinner and a criminal, her character, behavior, attitude, and her sullied baggage is that of a vamp, and hence she cannot be promoted or rewarded and recast as an MLA in ‘Nimki Vidhayak’. May I quote, Macbeth to Lady Macbeth in Macbeth, Act-2, Scene-2: “Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood, clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather, the multitudinous seas incarnadine, making the green one red.” Right now, she looks so superficial and unconvincing that she makes a mockery of herself in every scene, every act. “Man na rangaye, rangaye jogi kapda, dadhi badha ke jogi ban gaye bakra” (mere growing of beard and putting saffron clothes wouldn’t make you a sage, you must purge yourself first), says Kabir. Therefore, let Nimki first confess her sins and purge herself through sincere repentance for any worthy role. This has to be done by you, Mr. Habib, by re-chiseling her character and behavior.

    1. Sukanyaji . Nimki is not vamp but i would say she is one of those women who showed what every woman is sacared, submissive and ill-treated, physically and mentally abused can do!!! This is what is the problem with the people,,,they cannot help the fact some is potryaing what is socially wrong and also fighting againt it in their way,,,i would rather give a thumbs up to ZAMA HABIB??? for creating a different and exraordinary show not like those stupid emotional torture like yrkkh, kumkum and kundali bhagya and so on and so forth. But i’m angry that the character Abhimanyu and Nimki were separated????,,,acc to me they deserved to be united????,,,but anyways lets hope for the better in this season??

    2. Sukanya Manjhi

      Madam, kindly read the comments of Ramna Ji give below also. You may like to moderate yourself.

    3. Lisa Ji, I am Ramna, replying to your comments, on my behalf only.It was a bad marriage between Nimki and Babbu, which continued over 2 years. Have there been any serious dialogues between the two, in private, as should have been between a husband and wife, how so ever beleagured they are, to put forth their arguments? For example, if I were Babbu, i would ask my wife Nimki, why are you averse to me using your ‘Mukhiya’ position? have you not married me to enjoy my status and riches? Then what’s wrong if I too enjoy your powers? Since you have denied me of your powers, I and my family have denied you our status. i am too willing to divorce you, if we do not mutually agree upon. The course of divorce was open to both of them till the end of the serial. Why didn’t they divorce? Because Mr Habib does not want to. He wants money. Hell with logic and your and mine sentiments. Lisa Ji, we were looking for such kind of fair representations and arguments and counter arguments rendered by Mr Habib and his team on behalf of the characters to make the audience understand the nuances. But Alas, Mr Habib arbitrarily and abruptly chose to get the wife Nimki raped by her husband Babbu, and the husband Babbu killed by wife Nimki, without any run-ups, without rhyme or reason, or logic or rationale! Therefore, we are cautioning the makers as well as the audience. any thing wrong? If you still want to applaud Mr Habib,please do so. Kudos to him. We will go through another ordeal ‘Nimki Vidhayak’.

    4. I agree with Sukanya. The crux of the story of ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ spanning over 2 years comprising of approx 15 thousand minutes of footage, and revolving around the bad marriage of a couple Babbu-Nimki, does barely have 50 minutes of dialogue time given to Babbu, and of which it has less than 15 minutes of one-to-one private dialogue between the husband-wife protagonists (antagonists?), as compared to more than 70% of the time given to Nimki alone. Out of the total time given to Babbu, 80% of the time he has been made to speak “Goli maar dunga”. My calculations are rough and manual, the exact calculations may please be done computationally, EOR. What a great job have your script writers done, Mr. Habib, and how honest have they been to the story and subject. Therefore, in my opinion, you need to reform yourself, Mr Habib, more than Nimki does.

    5. Fine?? Sukanyaji and Ramna kumariji,,i will aplaud ZAMA HABIB Sir!!!???✌and you both keep finding fault, watch the usual saas-bahu emotional dramas and keep booing ZAMA HABIB and Nimki’s character ?????which usual stereotypical indian women like you both always do??!!! BYE??

  2. Well, that’s running away from logical debate, the way the Honorable makers have been doing; also, it’s a poor way of calling your co-commentators names, when you lose an argument. Incidently, I don’t watch any TV serial. I started watching this serial by getting trapped by its name, and see I have got such a good label by you.

  3. Why does everyone have a problem with this serial?? It’s completely different from the usual saas bahu dramas? First of all even though both Nimki and Babbu married each other for their status, their approach towards the relationship was completely different. While nimki was ready to accept babbu and his family even though they were all hostile to her, babbu and his family treated nimki and her family as some kind of dirt just because they were of lower caste. Who was the villian here? Later when nimki started to understand that they would never change and wanted to get seperated from babbu and get his family punished for all their tortures, on nimki,her family, sweety, and that another girl who was raped and forced to marry her rapist(i don’t remember her name) he refused to divorce her cause of his male ego. He also went to the extent of raping her. Why? Cause she humiliated his father for creating obstacles in a fashion show event which was intended to bring prosperity to her village. Who is the villian here? When she tried to get herself justice legally, the whole truth was manipulated to show that she was the culprit instead of the victim, and babbu who actually was a rapist was actually being framed by his wife. And for this they went to the extent of kidnapping abhimanyu’s daughter. Who is the villian here? And once she realised she can’t get justice legally she decided to take matters in her own hand. And to all those who still think babbu was repenting and all that shit, he was just faking it for his own selfish motive. Nimki just used his selfishness to destroy him and his family, who were the reason of her father’s disappearance, sweety’s bad fate, her family’s sadness, and the loss of her unborn child. How is she a villian when she was the one who had been tortured all this while? How is she a villian when she was trying to do something good for her family,village and sweety? How is she a villian when she decided to take revenge after not getting justice the right way i.e. legally? Do you expect all main female leads to be sad, tearful, and “damsel in distress”? What’s wrong if this show shows that she never cries and rather pretends like nothing bad ever affects her while fighting against her wrong doers? And if you were expecting this show to be logical and realistic, seriously tv shows are not for u because nothing is logical on tv. And compared to all other shows which have rona dhona 70% of the time i find this tolerable just because of nimki’s character.

    1. Finally,,, thanks a lot Ria??,,,now tats the answer for your debate which you thought i left half way through,,,,RESPECTED MADAM RAMNA KUMARI and RESPECTED MADAM SUKANYA✌??, if tats the way the co-commentators want to be called???

  4. Dear Ria & Lisa Ji, Please go through the comments of different commentators on ‘Nimki Vidhayak Episode-2 of 13 Aug 19 on ‘Nimki Vidhayak Written Updates – Telly Updates’. All issues, now being agitated by Ria Ji, were agitated there (and many more) by Lisa, Rida98, and YouCanCallMeX, and these were answered by Hemlata, Ramna, Ayesha, and Ranjita in the most logical, polite and cogent way, thus convincing their counter-parts. It’s worth revisiting it again. However, there is a need to respond to your one contention afresh. You say, “Why does everyone have a problem with this serial? It’s completely different from saas-bahu drama.” The answer is, every one may not have a problem, but I (and many persons of my thinking) do have a problem. I do not watch any TV serial, saas-bahu, or otherwise. But I got trapped by the hoax created by the makers and some audience that ‘Nimki Mukhiya/Vidhayak’ is a different serial which deals with ‘Women Empowerment’. So I started watching this serial, but found cheated because I was invited for ‘Bharat Natyam’ but was served ‘cabaret’ (these are metaphors). Let me tell you very bluntly that it is the most fraudulent serial. You may ask me, why don’t you stop watching the serial, if you don’t like it? My answer is, it’s my duty to call a spade a spade, and having been cheated, and having discovered its fraudulence, I must caution others not to get trapped by ‘Nimki Mukhiya/Vidhayak’. The serial deserves to be protested against, and so I will continue to do ‘Halla Bol’. However, I promise to you Ria & Lisa Ji, that I will bow out from the protest, if the makers flash two captions on forthcoming episodes – “This serial condemns all violence and atrocities committed against women and men alike” and “This serial is purely for entertainment and falls under drama genre and has nothing to do with causes like women empowerment. Any semblance is purely incidental”. Secondly, you have agitated many more issues, which have already been answered earlier, as described above. I need not repeat them. Regards.

    1. Thank you for your generous information Reha Ji !!!

    2. ??????✌

  5. Lisa Ji, thank you very much for such wonderful emoticons aplenty. I’m moved by your nice gesture. May God bless us all!

  6. Reha , if that’s what you feel then continue your good work. The makers made a new season considering the popularity of the show so inspite of what people type here, majority people who actually can take some time out of their schedule and watch this on tv instead of reading updates actually enjoy the show. So whatever your own personal views are, this show is pretty much a hit among the majority. And that’s what the makers care about. Afterall a tv show is for pure entertainment.

    1. Lets just leave it Ria! Everyone is having their own opinions what we see positive about this series Nimki Vidhayak,,,they are neither able to digest nor understand so let them comment whatever they want but it would not change the reality✌???

  7. Hi Ria, Hi Lisa! Very agitated? Please chill. I’ve been enjoying your comments as well as those of Sukanya, Ramna, and Reha. They appear to be right, whereas, your views appear skewed. Let me talk to Lisa first. Your annoyance that Nimki did not marry Abhimanyu is understandable. Why didn’t they marry when everything has been sorted out after Babbu getting killed and Nimki’s child aborted? There are three possibilities – Nimki rejected Abhi as husband, Abhi rejected Nimki as wife, or both rejected each other for their own reasons (now please don’t tell me that they are playing sacrifice-sacrifice game; such idealism has long been rejected by modern guys and gals and the modern value system because we are not objects, we are human beings). Also, you admire Abhi more than anyone else, don’t you? So now tell me, whom are you annoyed with, the Makers or Nimki? I guess both. That’s what Sukanya, Ramna, and Reha have been telling that firstly, the Makers have been dishonest with the script, and secondly, that Nimki’s character and behavior makes her more of a vamp than a heroine. Of course, they have given many more sound justifications for this inference. Now, let me talk to Ria. After this prolonged parley, you have made two note-worthy remarks – (a) each one is entitled to his/her views, and (b) that ultimately it’s the success of the serial (TRP?) that matters, and that viewers like Sukanya, Ramna, and Reha may continue to comment adversely (bark?), as they just don’t matter. It means that it is neither the class (which you earlier said that this serial is unique, it is different, bla… bla…), nor the purpose (e.g., women empowerment) that matter, as long as the serial is entertaining. That’s what Reha told you that let the Makers say that their serial has nothing to do with causes like Women Empowerment, and that it is just for entertainment, like many other serials, and then she would bow out. So where is the dispute, now that you too have conceded that this serial is to be judged by its entertainment value? By the way, Ria Madam, this serial did well as ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ only as long as the Makers were honest with the script. Thereafter, its TRP plummeted so badly that they had to close the serial and start its spin-off ‘Nimki Vidhayak’. May I tell you that ‘Nimki Vidhayak’ too is not doing well? It was not in the list of top 20 serials of the week 19-25 Aug 19 (1st was ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ with 987 points and the 20th position was to ’Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ with 421 points). Also, in the current week, ‘Nimki Vidhayak’ is nowhere in sight in the TRP scene till date. You may like to check up. Last, but not the least, my opinion about the serial: it is the fraudest serial with the most tainted-character Nimki as its main protagonist neither has any social acceptability nor has any healthy entertainment value, it is filthy. I am sure you will not agree, and I have already accepted this fact, ab-initio.

    1. Hello Chanchala,,,,YRKKH is on the top because it is engrossing its viewers with the shit logic of wrong relations with its lady protagonist who doesn’t anything about relations in the same way if you have watched most of the serials which are on the top,,they all deal with some kind of emotional drama (Kumkum amd kundali bhagya?? and whatever),,,,since most of the viewers of television series are indian steretypical women,,,they like to watch non-sensical drama and hype it,,,just see what the yrkkh makers are facing. So when someone is showing a woman with poWer and wits people like YOU are not able to digest it nor help seeing it from a positive critical point of view FROM US and that is why you are calling the protagonist NIMKI a vamp,,,Anyways i don’t want to continue any more useless debates trying to make scatterbrians like you understand because i know it is worthless!!! Like i said already,,,NOTHING WILL CHANGE WHAT IS THE REALITY!!!?✌

  8. Lisa true that!! ??✌

    1. Hi Ria, we have had such a protracted rally of arguments and counter arguments. We need to close it now, as rightly suggested by Lisa. I find you the best person to sum up and give your concluding remarks. Your pearls of wisdom eagerly awaited. Regards.

  9. In that case I guess everyone has their opinion. Some people like Nimki’s character and some don’t. For those who enjoy the serial should watch it as long as it lasts. While those who don’t are free to do whatever they want. Waise bhi this isn’t yrkkh or kumkum bhagya ki kuch bhi faltu twist insert karenge and log dekhenge. Nimki is a different kind of character and some appreciate her while some might not. Though I personally like the fact that this character is different from the regular tv show character, but to each his own.

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