RadhaKrishn 23rd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Jatila Provokes Ugrapath

RadhaKrishn 23rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ugrapath gets tensed when god’s idol spoils and says Narayan is angry on them. Krishna says Narayan never gets angry on his disciples easily and they should correct their mistake. Yashoda asks how will they correct their mistake. Krishna says by finding a sculptor who can prepare idol and only Kans can provide a sculptor. Jatila says Krishna is right and Ayan will meet Kans and convince him. Radha thinks Krishna is up to something. Balram says he is hearing Krishna’s praises by Jatila for the first time. Krishna says Jatila is doing what he is making her to do and says Kans needs mukti now and he will send asur Bralambasur. Kans orders Bralambasur to emerge and orders him to kill Krishna. Bralambasur says he has to touch Krishna to kill him, so Kans should send him to Krishna.

Krishna walks to his room tired and seeing Vallabh/Radha on his bed asks what is she doing here. She reminds he used to pester her similarly and now its her turn and she is enjoying it. Krishna says she can experience the joy. Radha says she will go and have food from Yashoda kaki’s hand. Yashoda calls Vallabh for lunch. Vallabh requests her to feed him food like she feeds Kanha. Balram says he is not maiya’s son. Yashoda says he is Krishna’s friends, so she will and feeds him food.

Jatila provokes Ugrapath that Radha’s friend Gopika ran away afraid of hard work and didn’t prepare food. Gopika/Krishna walks to them and asks to come and have food. Ugrapath scolds Jatila. Gopika serves them food and asks if it is tasty. Shuka informs Gopika that he didn’t like Jatila’s behavior towards Gopika, so he mixed chillies in Jatila’s food. Gopika asks Jatila how is the food. Jatila drinks lots of water and yells it is very spicy. Ugrapath says it is very tasty. Jatila thinks of taking revenge and locks Gopika in a room. Balram locks Vallabh on the other side. Jatila provokes Ugrapath that Radha broke her promise and stepped out of house. Ugrapath asks her to check whole house. Jatila says she did. Ugrapath says he himself will check before punishing Radha. Vallabh thinks how would Krishna react in this situation and reminiscing dahi handi breaking event steps on pots and gets out of room by breaking roof.

Precap: Kans disguises Bralambasur as sculptor and sends him to touch Krishna. Balram notices him and informs Krishna who says he knows about Bralambasur.

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