Main Bhi Ardhangini 23rd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Malmal tests Vikrant’s love

Main Bhi Ardhangini 23rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant asking Malmal who is she? Malmal who is in Akira’s body tells that she is Akira, a Pisaschini. He asks her to tell the way to go out of jungle. She asks what is he searching? Vikrant says Piku, his fiancé Mohini. Malmal gets upset. Adhiraj is with Fouzia and tells that he wants to be with her. Mangu puts the rope on her mistakenly. Adhiraj gets angry on Mangu. Bhujang asks Adhiraj to calm down. Adhiraj threatens Bhujang. Mohini comes to Adhiraj and asks him to stop it and asks him not to threaten Mangu. Adhiraj says he can feel jealousy and goes.

Vikrant tells Akira (Malmal) about breaking the kaal brahmand door and tells that he was lucky to get Mohini. He tells that Piku got the vidhi stopped, so that I don’t kill Mohini and she destroyed her body. Akira (Malmal) asks him to punish her badly. Vikrant says he can’t bear even a thought against Piku. Fouzia thinks she got the info of all traps and comes near the wall. Piku asks who is she? Fouzia says she is Adhiraj’s secret friend. She asks who are you? Piku says Piku. Fouzia thinks Malmal will be happy to know that her daughter is here. Piku asks her to stay away from Adhiraj.

Later Fouzia asks Adhiraj for food and says she is hungry. Adhiraj calls Mohini. Mohini brings food and tells that she has no powers left now. Fouzia calls her Servant. Chunnu says she is owner. Fouzia says she thought she is Servant as she is not having powers. She asks how will I eat food, as my hands are paining. Adhiraj kisses on her hand and says I will make you eat. Mohini gets jealous. Bhujang asks if she is pahadi Pisaschini. She says both. Bhujang enquires with her. Fouzia pretends to faint. Adhiraj takes her to room. Malmal tests Vikrant and thinks if he is loyal to her or not, but Vikrant pushes her.

Precap: Mangu shows the boxes to Fouzia. Fouzia gets happy. Vikrant sees malmal’s image in the water.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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