RadhaKrishn 22nd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Final Plea

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RadhaKrishn 22nd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha walks into Ayan’s room and sees a parrot there who calls her Radhe Radhe. She says she is Radha, what is his name. Parrot continues chanting Radhe Radhe. Radha reads Krishna’s letter that someone should be there to call her name with love like he does. Ayan walks in and asks whose parrot is this. Radha says Krishna gifted it. He holds her hand. Radha says he knows she loves Krishna, so they cannot live like husband and wife. Ayan says he loves her immensely. Radha says she cannot love him as Krishna stays in her heart. Ayan asks till when this will go. Radha says till she starts loving him. Ayan shouts it will not happen until Krishna is in her heart, Krishna is wicked and crook. Radha stands silently while he leaves.

Krishna informs Nand about his sacrifice to stop Vrishbhan from going to jungle. Nand says he made such a big sacrifice, but Vrishbhan insulted him not knowing the fact, so let us go to him and explain whole thing. Krishna stops him. Nand says he is lucky to have a son like him and hugs him. Radha walks near Krishna and signals him to follow her. Krishna excuses Nand and walks behind her. She takes him far away and asks if she cannot come to meet him. Krishna identifying her as asur orders to get into his real form. Radha turns into asur and says he got a Kans message, so Krishna should not kill him as he is just a messenger; says Kans informed that whatever problems created for Krishna and Radha are made by Kans. Krishna says he will not kill a messenger and asks him to inform Kans that all his plans will fail and soon he will be punished for his sins.

Next morning, Ugrapath invites whole Barsana for post wedding ritual. Vrishbhan and Kirtida walk in. Radha smiles seeing them. Kirtida asks if she is fine. Radha says yes. Jatila sees Nand’s family and asks Ugrapath why did he invite Nand and Krishna. Ugrapath says he invited whole Barsana and Nand family is also part of Barsana. Krishna walks to Radha. Radha asks why did he come here. Krishna says their name is still together, showing her mehandi. Radha says she is bahu of this house now. Krishna insists her to meet one last time and walks away.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that a calm river is solace for birds, animals, humans, etc., but when it gets out of control, it destroys even mountains, so our angry and energy are same and they should keep it under control.

Precap: Krishna with Balram leaves Barsana thinking he is going without informing Radha and don’t know when will return. Radha’s friend informs her that Krishna is leaving Barsana and don’t know when will he return back. Radha runs searching Krishna.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. RadhaKrishn is my favourite serial and I was pissed when Radha gets married to Ayan. I did not expect this. I am gonna quit watching this. I was waiting for radha and krishn marriage but the story went other way around. I never believe that radha can marry a cunning and evil ayan. DISAPPOINTED !

    1. Mahi

      It’s not just a story but actuated and they cannot change it so don’t pissed out we have to respect it dear

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