Daayan 22nd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi Blames Aakarsh

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Daayan 22nd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aakarsh relives Jahnvi. Jahnvi wakes up an dthinks what is happening here, why is Betalini here. Satrupa walks down thinking Jahnvi cannot be alive. Aakarsh disappears with Jahnvi. Daayan and Betalini continue fighting. Satrupa shouts to stop fighting as Aakarsh escaped with Janvi. Daayan shouts. In hotel, Brijesh hopes Aaakarsh relives Jahnvi soon before Betalini, Daayan, and Satrupa try to stop him. Prachi says that means if Satrupa, Betalini, and Daayan will unite, it will be difficult to fight with them. Chandrika comments Jahnvi will not come back as Aakarsh cannot fight Satrupa, Betalini, and Daayan. Prachi warns her dare not to think bad about her sister. Chandrika says Jahnvi killed his sister Nandini, good if Jahnvi does not come back. Betalini searches Aakarsh everywhere and tells Daayan that she will not spare Aakarsh for going against daayan lok, though he is Daayan’s son. Daayan says she herself will punish Aakarsh. Betalini says Daayan is not her student from hereon. Aakarsh takes Jahnvi to a cave. Jahnvi confronts that he ignored her and was staying with another woman Satrupa. Aakarsh tries to explain that Satrupa had erased his memory and controlled him. Jahnvi says she does not believe him. He explains her whole incidents happened, but she continues arguing with him. Daayan with Satrupa reaches there and attacks Jahnvi. Jahnvi collapses. Aakarsh pleads his mother that he does not want to fight with her, he loves Jahnvi and wants to live with her, so please let him and Jahnvi live peacefully. Daayan agrees and says she will not trouble them if Jahnvi does not trouble her. Aakarsh agrees. Satrupa insists to kill Jahnvi. Daayan warns not interfere between her and her son, else she will kill Satrupa. Aakarsh requests Daayan to spare even Jahnvi’s family.

Aakarsh brings unconscious Jahnvi back to his hotel and informs Jahnvi’s family that she is alive and will wake up in sometimes. Family happily takes Jahnvi to her room and lie her down on her bed. Prithvi thanks Aakarsh for saving his sister. Aakarsh informs about the agreement made between him and his mother. Chandrika walks in saying Daayan will not spare Jahnvi and if Daayan does, she will kill Jahnvi and tries to attack Jahnvi. Aakarsh holds her throat. Narendra requests him to spare Chandrika. Aakarsh warns Chandrika to go away from his house if she wants to be alive. Satrupa fumes in anger thinking even after having 7 forms, she could not win Aakarsh from Jahnvi. She thinks of using family’s weakest link and provoke Jahnvi so that she tries to attack Daayan again and Daayan breaks her agreement. Daayan returns to Betalini and apologizes her for being too harsh and requests not to trouble her son. Betalini forgives Daayan and says she will not spare Aakarsh though. Daayan angrily says she is no more her guru now and warns not to come in her way again. Betalini thinks Jahnvi’s nature will not keep quite and she will trouble Daayan again.

Harsh shouts that Daayan killed Jananta, so he will not spare her. Brijesh says Daayan killed many innocent people and is troubling many, so he will not keep quiet. Aakarsh angrily holds Brijesh’s neck and warns him not to think of harming his mother. Jahnvi sees that and locks herself in her room. Aakarsh pleads her to open door and let him explain. Jahnvi shouts how can he spare Daayan who killed Janinta and so many people, how can he make agreement with Daayan. Aakarsh enters in via black magic and tries to explain. Jahnvi shouts if she had known that Aakarsh made this agreement to relive her, she would not have agreed at all. Aakarsh convinces her to not trouble Daayan and if Daayan troubles Jahnvi he himself will fight with her. Jahnvi agrees. They both get romantic and consummate. Prachi sitting with Veer says Aakarsh is male Savitri who got back Jahnvi from death like Savitri did. Satrupa watches standing outside room and gets more jealous. She sees Harsh passing by and says like Aakarsh relived Jahnvi, he can relive Jananta also if he tries. Harsh gets happy hearing that.

Betalini thinks she will provoke Daayan against Jahnvi and sends her aide to execute her plan. Daayan thinks she is fine without guru and is immortal. She sees Daayan’s aide disguised as human denying to pray Daayan as could not control her only son and expects others to pray her. She gets angry and decides to get back Aakarsh from Jahnvi’s grip. Aarsh and Jahnvi’s family chat in living room. Veer calls Aakarsh male Savitri. Narendra says he is right, Aakarsh is really male savitri. Harsh requests Aakarsh to relive Jananta like he did relive Jahnvi. Aakarsh says it is not possible to relive her without soul and ashes, Jahnvi’s ashes were with him and Betalini had Jahnvi’s soul. Harsh insists to take his mother Daayan’s help. Aakarsh says he cannot do that and provoke Daayan again. Harsh walks away shouting he does not want to try at all or he is incapable. He walks in to his room and cries holding Jananta’s photo. Jahnvi walks to him with food and says Aakarsh cannot bring back Jananta, so he should not blame Aakarsh. Harsh shouts if she can come back, why not Jananta and asks her to get out. She leaves. Satrupa walks in and provokes him that daayan can relive Jananta.

Precap: Harsh prays Daayan to relive Jananta. Narendra fixes Veer and Prachi’s wedding. Daayan hypnotizes Prachi and orders her to harm Jahnvi.

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