RadhaKrishn 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Jatila Threatens Vishakha

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Chandravali tells Krishna that Radha told he tricked her and broke her marriage. Radha stands silently reminiscing her words. Chandravali asks Krishna if this is true. Krishna says if Radha has told it, it is true, so Chandravali should stay away from him as he is unfit to befriended. Radha thinks why did Krishna say this. Chandravali says she is right, it is better to stay away from Krishna. Radha informs Vishakha what Krishna told and asks why did he accept. Vishakha says he is trying to go away from Radha and go closer to Chandravali as girls like boys accepting their mistake and act as trying to correct themselves.

Vishakha walks to Jatila and Ayan and says she did what Jatila ordered, but she cannot continue misguiding Radha, so she will return wealth Jatila gave and will stop all this. Jatila says she can go and then laughs that Radha and her friends are fool, how will she let Vishakha go so easily, if she does not obey her, she will allege her of stealing her wealth.

Radha meets Balram and says Krishna is getting closer to Chandravali. Balram asks how can it be. They hear Krishna telling Chandravali that he and Radha love since a long time and Radha’s insecurity jealousy made her do mistakes repeatedly. Radha tells Balram that she got jealous seeing Krishna getting closer to Chandravali. Balram asks how can she do that, he always supported her instead of Krishna. Chandravali tells Krishna that his heart is so pure, she will be with him always. Krishna asks really. She says yes and leaves. Radha hears that and getting angry says Krishna can do whatever he wants, she is not bothered now.

Balram scolds Krishna for making Radha angry. Krishna says one has to reap what they sow int his world and Radha has to go through a lot of pain for her deeds in this world. Balram asks how will he help Radha now. Krishna says he always revealed his plan to Radha, so he will not tell anything. Balram uses emotional drama, but Krishna does not fall for it. Their conversation continues.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that hatred, love, angry, calmness, all are part of human nature; one should not hate person but his/her habits as habits can he changed; one should get angry on one’s words; love one’s soul and nature and not body; speak with love and not hatred.

Precap: Krishna stops Radha and her friends’s way and says he needs tax.
Radha warns to move away, they are going for a bathe. Krishna steals their clothes and says he will keep them as tax.

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