Karn Sangini 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Karn’s Ultimate Donation

Karn Sangini 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna asks Arjun to shoot at Arjun. Arjun says he cannot shoot at weaponless warrior. Krishna says it is Arjun’s fate and reminisces a saint cursing Karn for unknowingly killing his cow that his enemy will attack him when he is weaponless. Arjun shoots Karn and arrow hits his chest. Krishna asks Arjun to use Indra dev’s gifted Vajrastra. Arjun shoots Vajrastra and it hits Karn’s chest again. Karn asks Krishna why he tricked and got him killed when he is weaponless. Krishna says he is favoring him by giving the death he deserved.

Uruvi and Radha pray for Karn’s safe return. Lamp blows off. Radha starts crying. Uruvi says Karn will return in sometime. War whistle blows and Uruvi says Karn will return now. Radha says Karn will return for the last time. Uruvi says no and runs out hearing Karn’s chariot sound. She stands shocked seeing severely injured Karn being brought on cot. Kunti cries on the other side that Karn reached his final destiny, he spared all his brothers today and became great. Krishna tells Arjun that Karn is a true soul and nobody in this world can be most charitable like Karn.

Uruvi, Radha, and Kunti crying sitting around Karn. A saint wants to Karn and says he came to seek charity, it is too late now. Karn stops him and asks what he needs. Saint says gold. Uruvi says she will get gold. Saint says he needs charity from Karn. Karn pulls his golden tooth and offers him. Saint shouts he is insulting him by offering blood stained golden tooth. Karn uses his arrow and gets water from ground, cleans tooth and offers it t saint again. Saint tells Arjun that he told nobody can be as charitable in the world as Karn, so he loves Karn a lot. He turns into Krishna. Karn greets him. krishna tells Karn is so great that even enemy is crying for him. Arjun says Karn donated his victory to me, he is indeed a great warrior. Karn tells Uruvi that Krishna will teach their son. Krishna asks Karn to leave the world and move towards moksha/eternity. Karn passes away. Krishna teaches Karns’s son who becomes Indraprastha’s king in the future.


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