RadhaKrishn 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update: Gopis Seek Apology From Radha

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Radha tries to leave for Vrindavan and stops when her veil gets stuck and fears Krishna is stopping her. She turns back and relaxes seeing its stuck to flower basket and pulls it. Veil tears off. Krishna thinks he needs to help Radha and throws another shawl towards her. Radha seeing veil thinks only Krishna can do this. Krishna throws many veils towards her. She gets happy thinking vayudev is helping her. Krishna thinks pavan dev must be happy as he is getting for an undone task. Radha gets into chariot and asks charioteer not to inform where she went. Krishna hides nearby and plays bansuri. Radha searches him. Krishna touches her from behind and hides again. Radha thinks its her imagination and rides chariot. Krishna hides in chariot. Radha thinks she will return before Krishna finds out.

Balram feels helpless that he cannot leave Vrindavan and protect his children. Saambh sends him a letter again to come and protect them from lizard-like monster. Gopis stop him and say its Krishna’s trick to take him from there. Radha walks in and asks not to allege Krishna as Krishna protected them all and did so much for Vrindavan. They hug and welcome her. Balram thanks god for sending Radha here. Krishna watches them hiding. Balram tells Radha that he has some important work and will meet her later, asks how did Krishna allow her to come here. She says she needs to return before Krishna wakes up.

Gopis complain that Krishna wouldn’t have let her come here if he was awake, he has turned her into slave. Radha says they are thinking wrong and warns that she will not listen a word against Krishna as they don’t know Krishna’s suffering after leaving Vrindavan and describes his sacrifices. Gopis feels sad when Radha says they don’t love Krishna and insist for an apology. Radha denies and says they shouldn’t have alleged Krishna and tries to leave. Gopis says she has to apologize them at any cost and should meet them together at Yamuna shore, and if she doesn’t, they will think she is wrong. Radha denies. They say if she doesn’t, they will feel she is really guilty. Radha thinks she will not and will leave after meeting Dau.

Balram gives a task to spies and hopes boys are safe. Krishna walks to him and says they will if he goes there immediately. Balram shocked asks when did he come here. Krishna asks him to reach boys soon and protect them, he should remember he will fight against a weird powerful animal. Balram says he promised to meet Radha before leaving. Krishna says he will handle Radha, so Balram should go and protect boys first. Balram leaves. Radha waits for Balram. Balram meets boys and asks them to inform what happened here in detail. Saambh informs him whole story. Radha thinks she needs to meet Gopis but will not apologize them at any cost. Krishna thinks he will not let this happen and will have to do something and make sure Gopis don’t question Radha.

Precap: Radha visits Yashoda. Monster gets angry seeing Balram instead of Krishna and warns to punish Balram.

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