RadhaKrishn 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Banke Bihari Helps Radha

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Radha asks Banke Bihari/Krishna what business he does. Banke Bihari says he does business of everything including love. She asks if he thinks this is a market. He says he came here to buy an unique idol, but heard her and Balram searching it and blaming Sam; so he will go now. She asks if he will help her find that idol. He says he will take away idol after finding it and will give her something after, which she will happily give that idol to her. Radha says she will never do that. He says she is challenging a businessman, let us search idol first. She says good if he wants to help her find idol. He says he will follow her like a shadow. She warns him to stay away from her and keep quiet. He walks behind her. She asks him to come in front. He asks to guide her.

Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that Banke Bihari’s is Krishna’s unique avatar which attracted Radha and will attract the whole universe. He says he is right that Radha and Krishna’s separation made us watch Krishna unique Banke Bihari avatar.

Radha notices Banke Bihari staring at her and scolds him to stop doing that. Banke Bihari says he can identify the culprit easily and doubts Sam, Laxmana, Balram, and Radha. Radha asks what kind of joke is it. He asks her to answer his question and asks if she helped Krishna steal butter. She says it was childhood event and asks if he thinks she did that. He says he feels she helped Krishna out of love for him, she stole Krishna’s love. Radha says she didn’t steal Krishna’s love as it was hers always. He says let him question Laxmana next and asks Radha to question Laxmana as she may not reveal truth easily. She says why should she. He says he will hide and will give her question to ask in her eears. She says she cannot hear from a distance. He says he is a successful businessman and knows solution.

Radha walks to Laxmana. Laxmana asks why did she come here. Radha says there only Sam, Balram, and Tulsi when idol was stolen, and since Sam is in coma, she should tell if he stole it. Laxmana gets tensed. Radha thinks how will Banke Bihari murmur question in her ears. Banke Bihari asks her to ask Laxmana if she and Sam together stole the idol. Radha thinks how can she hear Banke Bihari’s voice, he is a magician. She asks same to Laxmana. Laxmana gets more tensed and asks why would they steal the idol. Banke Bihari asks Radha next to ask if she met someone who ordered her to steal the idol. Laxmana reminisces Shukracharya ordering her same and asks who will order her. Banke Bihari asks Radha to ask Laxmana why she looks nervous then. Radha asks same. Laxmana nervously says she is not nervous. Radha asks her to follow her as she wants to ask more questions. Laxmana stands confused.

Radha sees Banke Bihari behind her and asks if he is a musician that he murmured in her ears even after maintaining distance. Laxmana walks to her and asks who asked her to ask these questions. Banke asks Radha to inform her to meet him in temple tonight. Radha informs same and walks away. Laxmana thinks Banke looks very intelligent.

Devi Gauri tells Mahadev why Krishna is wasting time in questions as universe needs him, he should apologize Tulsi and anull his curse. Mahadev says still Tulsi is not yet ready for that and asks her to wait and watch Krishna leela/magic. Radha tells Banke Bihari that she reminded him of Krishna. He asks her to think him as Krishna. She warns to dare not talk like that as no one can take Krishna’s place. He asks her to ask Tulsi questions which he informed her. Radha walks into Tulsi’s hut. Tulsi asks why did she come here. Radha says good she used her powers of a queen, she should have used her powers to search idol instead. Tulsi asks what does she mean. Radha asks if she wants to take idol to her palace. Tulsi gets angry. Radha says if Tulsi had a bit of love in her heart, she would haven’t have loved a monster who tried to ruin the universe and wrongly cursed Krishna whom she felt a love for; she should correct her mistake soon. Tulsi reminiscing all the incidents thinks Radha is right, she has to correct her mistake.

Precap: Laxmana says she fears Radha is mentally unstable, so she has to go out of Dwarka. Radha says she is fine and will not leave Dwarka. Laxmana says she will find peace out of Dwarka.

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