Pratigya 2 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Pratigya wants justice for Krishna

Pratigya 2 21st April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All family members cry seeing Krishna. The doctor gives CPR to him but he dies. All are stunned. Sumitra rushes to him and asks him to open his eyes. Pratigya asks him to wake up, you can’t leave us like this. They all cry. Shakti hugs Komal. Pratigya falls down and holds Krishna’s hand. Kesar tries to calm her but she recalls all her moments with him. She grabs his hand and his heartbeat comes back. All have a sigh of relief. The doctor starts checking Krishna again.

Sumitra tells Komal that I had to bear this woman for Krishna but she has brought so much danger on my son. Everyone charged for that woman, I was following her too but she is making us all a fool. Komal says you are right, we care about Krishna’s happiness but we were mistaken about Pratigya.

Pratigya recalls the incident, how the family was against her but she didn’t listen to them, Adarsh asks her to not stress, what you did was the right thing, don’t worry. Pratigya says if anything happened to Krishna then I wouldn’t forgive myself. The family will blame me.

Komal tells Sumitra that Pratigya has converted Krishna into a coward man, why did he get himself arrested? Because of that Pratigya. Sumitra says we will stop following her law, we will go back to our old ways. Komal says but Pratigya won’t let us in this house. Sumitra says I have taken her name off from the house list so she has no connection with this house or with Krishna. Komal looks on.

Pratigya tells Adarsh that maybe I was wrong? Adarsh says you were doing your duty. Pratigya says I failed my duty as a wife, the question is if I failed or the law? This law is made to be with the right but that law failed me today.

Komal tells Sumitra that when Krishna wakes up, he will bring Pratigya back into the house, he can’t be away from her. Sumitra says we have to do something to make Pratigya and Krishna separate. You just see what I do now.

Pratigya calls the commissioner and says we followed the right path but your law failed us, he was beaten in jail, how can anyone enter there? The commissioner says we are looking into this matter. Pratigya says I know Balwant was behind all this, I want you to arrest him otherwise I will go to court, Balwant has to pay for his deed. I want his arrest warrant at any cost. The commissioner says sure, we will do our duty.

After some days, Krishna gets discharged. Pratigya tells Sumitra that we can take Krishna home. Komal says Sajjan has done arrangements at a farmhouse for Krishna as he can recover there easily. Pratigya says I ask Kesar to pack kids’ bags. Komal says they can’t go as they have to go to school. Samar says I will go with you all. Pratigya says we will need two cars. Adarsh says I will take my car. Sumitra asks Shakti to bring his car for her. Adarsh goes from there. Komal thinks I know why Adarsh is around us, he loves me but he won’t say it, I will see till when.

Krishna sits in Adarsh’s car. Pratigya sits with him. Komal sits in the front with Adarsh. Komal starts a song. Pratigya holds Krishna’s hand. Dil diyan gallan plays, Adarsh’s hand mistakenly touches Komal’s, she smiles. Pratigya hugs Krishna, he kisses her hand. Adarsh coughs so Komal gives him water.

PRECAP – Sumitra spikes the juice and gives it to Pratigya. She thinks Pratigya has become a poison for this house so I have solved her matter. Pratigya drinks the juice and vomits, she falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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