RadhaKrishn 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update Krishna Makes a Demand

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Ayan with his friends laugh on Krishna and say they are talking about dance and not grazing cows. Krishna says he does not know dance, but Dau/Balram knows dance. Balram says he is a good dancer. Ayan says it is not wrestling and showing a few dance moves says he is born to milk cows and continues insulting Balram. Krishna thinks nobody insulted Dau like this and warns Ayan to speak think before speaking, else he may repent. Balram stops him. Krishna sits with Ayan’s friends. Balram challenges Ayan that they both will present their dance during Sudevi’s wedding and let us see who will win. Ayan says let us see on stage and walks away with his friends. Krishna stops Radha and requests give him a chance to dance with her. She asks to show his dance first, then she will decide whether

to dance with him or not. Krishna asks to think over as there will be less people left to dance. Radha asks what does he mean. He says she will see herself, he is hungry now and will go and have food. Radha stands confused.

Vrishbhan loads bullock carts with grocery to send it to Kans in Mathura as monthly taxes. Nand says even Gokul vasis are sending butter and milk as taxes as they are also Barsana vasis now. Kirtida silently drops a letter into pot written for Kans intimidating that Gokul vasis are in Barsana.

Ayan and Balram’s dance competition. Ayan asks his friends to start music and asks Balram show his dancing skills. Balram start dancing and thrashing Ayan’s friends with each move. They all fly in air and fall on ground breaking things. Ayan asks him to stop. Balram trashes even him and he gets half engraved into earth and repeats to stop. Balram says should have thought well before insisting him for a dance and continues dancing and trashing Ayan’s friends. Radha tries to stop Dau and thinks only Krishna can stop Dau.

Radha walks to Krishna who is enjoying butter and requests him to stop Dau. Krishna says once Dau starts, he does not stop easily. Radha says Dau will break Ayan and friends’ bones. Krishna says Ayan should not thought well before insulting Dau. Radha requests again. Krishna says he can help her if she befriends him. She says he is very opportunistic, why he wants to befriend her. He says the girl he loves wants him to dance, so he wants Radha to teach him dance. Radha thinks she can ask who is the girl in lieu of acting as befriending him, that way she can even save Ayan and his friends and get that girl out of Krishna’s trap. Krishna says she made such a big plan so soon.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that mind controls a person and does not know in which part of the body it is, if it considers a person as enemy, it will try to kill that person, and if he loves a person, it will go to any extent to please that person, but for that mind should be free for peace, if they mind full, they cannot leave in peace.

Precap: Radha feeds butter to Krishna. Ayan walks in fuming. Krishna asks Radha to tell that she is his friend now. Ayan angrily raises hand to beat Krishna. Radha stops him and suggests to befriend Krishna.

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