Porus 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Kills Dasyu Raj; Puru Rescues Laachi

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Alka before dying asks Puru to save Laachi from Ambhi and dies. Puru shouts Ambhi Kumar… and heads towards Jhelum shore. Dasyu Raj fights with Alexander while Laachi fights with Ambhi and warns she will kill him today. Alexander overpowers Dasyu Raj and pins him to earth. Laachi is about to kill Ambhi when Ambhi says does not now about him, someone is dying now. Laachi sees her father on ground and shouts no… Alexander injures Dasyu raj and says he will spare him for the time being till Puru returns and then he will kill Puru and him together, he shall go and meet his wife soon. Dasyu raj says his wife would be proud of hi that he is not a traitor, Alexander should kill him right now, else he will repent. Alexander slits Dasyu raj’s throat. Dasyu raj looks at Laachi and dies.


Magadh, Mahamartya rushes to Dhananand and says he got a big new for him. Dhananand says Alexander has attacked Pourav rastra in Puru’s absence, he knows that. Mahamartya asks if he should send Magadh soldiers to support Puru. Dhananand says it is Puru’s fight, let him fight alone.

Laachi angrily attacks Ambhi, but Hephastian stops her. Alexander orders they should end this war tonight itself and kill whole Pourav rastra people. Laachi warns Alexander that his wife knew Puru would killl Alexander, so she came to beg for Alexander’s wife. Ambhi asks him not to bother about Laachi and drags her away. Pourav soldiers reach with Bamni, Hasti, and Chanakya. Chanakya seeing Alexander and his army says it is best opportunity to end Alexander. Bamni heads towards Alexander. Alexander says he will end Puru’s whole family today. Bamni says he will kick him out of Bharath today. Their fight starts.

Ambhi drags Laachi while she warns to leave her, Puru will be reaching here anytime. He raises hand to hit her when Puru enters and holds his hand and kicks him shouting how dare he is to touch Laachi. Ambhi picks sword saying he will end Puru tonight. Puru overpowers him again and repeatedly punching him confronts how dare he is to kill his mother, Ambhi Raj’s dirty blood did its heinous deeds. He pins Ambhi to ground and continues punching him reminding each sin he did and is about to kill him when soldier informs that war broke out between Bamni and Alexander. Puru leaves Ambhi and rushes towards battlefield.

Precap: Dhananand says if Khatriya’s think of betraying Nand’s, Magadh will swallow Pourav rastra. Alexander and Bamni’s fight continues. Puru heads on his horse.

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