RadhaKrishn 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahakali Visits Kans

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Krishna emerges out of box in front of Radha. Radha asks what is all this, why did he come here. He says when she calls, how can he stay away. She says she is married and he cannot meet her like this. Krishna says their love is forever. She says it is wrong. He says whole world accepts their love. Radha asks him to go before anyone sees him here. Krishna continues his explanation. Radha says she does not want to meet him again. Krishna says she herself will come to meet him. Ayan calls Radha. Radha requests Krishna to go soon. He asks her to promise to meet him and disappears. Ayan walks into kitchen and informs that Ugrapath is calling him. Radha walks behind him thinking Krishna is a magician. Radha walks to Ugrapath who says as per ritual, she needs to attend her parents for some festival. Jatila asks how can she go. Ugrapath says he cannot break age old rituals and asks Ayan to accompany Radha whenever she goes to her parents’ house. Jatila says it is in same village and Radha knows route. Ugrapath says it is a ritual and he cannot break. Radha thinks Krishna did all this beforehand. Ugrapath orders to pray at Shiv temple on the way. Radha agrees.

Kans does yagna and seeks Mahakali. Gowri mata’s Mahakali avatar emerges and she tells Mahadev that her Mahakali avatar is emerging hearing Kans’ prayer. Mahadev says she has to fulfill her diety’s demand as per dharma. Mahakali emerges in front of Kans and warns that his demand is illegal. Kans says she has to protect the boon she gave to her diety. Mahakali says she knows how to protect her boon and she gave it to Ekdansh and not Kans. Kans laughs.

Radha reaches Shiv temple. Krishna tells Balram that he has to do something to be always with Radha to change her mind towards him.

Precap: Kans tells Krishna will be troubled by Ekdansh and Mahakali.

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