Part 44 18/07/2019

 The preparation for Diya and Ruben’s wedding was going on swift. Ruben suggested the wedding take place in his small village Domburg which is beach village located 2hrs from Amsterdam city. His parents always wanted his wedding in the village church which is located facing the beach.  Domburg is the oldest seaside city. In summer the town is bustling but pleasant. With its old buildings, it has a picturesque appeal. The wide and clean beaches of Domburg that attract the crowds. There are beach pavilions and cabins everywhere. The warm sand along the beach is lovely to fly kites and just for a relaxing stroll. The town center lies cozily against the dunes. In addition to modern facilities, there are a lot of cultural history from the 20th century as it’s known as inspiration town for many well-known artist. Domburg is located on the edge of nature reserve ‘de Manteling’. This is a unique forest sidling up to the dunes, is a house of huge diversity of plant and animal species.

Mehak and Shaurya accompanied Diya and Janhvi’s shopping trips as Diya requested them to help her as she have no clue on all these stuffs. They went to buy try on some simple gowns for the church wedding and Diya does not a fancy them. She wants something simple and not expensive though. Earlier they only wanted a court wedding but Janhvi insist to see her mom in the gowns like in the fairytale and they agreed to her. While in one of the boutique selecting a simple gown, the boutique assistant came to Mehak and asked her to follow her as she have something for her. Mehak told her she is not getting married its Diya and she don’t want to try anything but Diya and Janhvi asked her to go on and try it as she is just waiting for her to select the dress. Shaurya asked them to go ahead and he went out of the boutique for a walk. Mehak agreed to the store assistant and went into the fitting room to try a simple dress. After almost 20 minutes, Mehak slowly came out as the shop assistant gently holding on her right hand with a simple veil and floral headband. There was no makeup needed as her natural blush hue added to her beauty. She shine from within and Diya aww at her look and Janhvi came running to her telling how beautiful she look and asked her to twirl her gown like how the princesses does in the movie.

Shaurya’s POV

I was with Mehak and Diya to do their wedding shopping. I wouldn’t want to go but this is a new place and I wouldn’t want Mehak to go alone with anyone so I am accompanying them to each stores for a dress. Since its very last minute decided either there is no much choices or sizes are issues for finding the suitable dress. But I saw Mehak is much more excited than Diya herself. I was out walking pass some of the shops here while the ladies picking the dress as by today they need to settle the dress, something catch my eyes from the glass window. I walked inside to see an antique piece of amethyst rose gold cocktail ring. It looks graceful and lustrous not to mention like an heirloom quality. It has a vintage inspired kind of look though it’s a simple design. Earlier I have given a designer diamond ring to Mehak unfortunately it went missing during the Jaipur incident. I didn’t bother to ask them to check on it as it doesn’t matter to me as my Mehak is safe that’s all it matter to me. I quickly look into the intricate cuts on the amethyst stone and the shopkeeper came to me. It was an old lady in her 60’s. Luckily she can converse in English. She explained about the detail work on the ring.

Shopkeeper: I see that you are very selective on the jewelry piece young man.

Shaurya: Why do you say so?

Shopkeeper: Many like to get diamond rings as a gift for their dear ones. But amethyst always went unnoticed. But you came in directly looking at that specific piece of jewelry.

Shaurya: Yes it’s very unique and I want to give it to someone special in my life, well she is my life indeed. (Letting out satisfied laughter)

Shopkeeper: Well in that case I can give you a very good discount for this.

Soon Shaurya took the well packed box with him he kept them inside his jacket’s pocket and the shopkeeper wished him all the best.

Now I walked back to the dress shop, I was stunned to see the view in front of me. We came here to pick the dress for Diya and is not Diya gleaming in happy face in the gown but my life my Mehak is twirling like princess in a simple white gown. She was well dressed in that gown, together with the floral head band and a veil. Her laughter stopped when she sees me as her cheeks colors rose as usual. I have seen her in traditional Indian wedding attire but never had I imagined that she will look this stunning in the white gown too. My feet just walked towards her as my eyes fixed on hers. I can hear Janhvi giggling at us and Diya saying something too but nothing went into my ears. I went into the position how a guy usually propose a girl as I slide my hand into my pocket taking out the ring box in my hand bringing it slowly forwarding towards the woman who means the world to me. She was stunned and her mouth opened a little in surprise. I love every expression she makes. Indeed she is a queen of expression.

Shaurya: My love will you accept this khadoos kumar your lambu tadiyal this akdu kahinka as your better half?

Mehak: Sha..sha.shaur..ya what are you doing?

Shaurya: I am proposing you jaan, I thought all girls like this stunt very much.

Mehak: But why, we are already married right? Why you need to do this?

Shaurya: Because we never had this type of western culture event in our wedding, I went to get a ring for you and you are here ready as a bride so thought of trying this romantic method. So will you accept me or not, my knees are shaking jaan.

Mehak suppressed her smile as she slowly forwarded her hand to him, he take out the ring from the velvet box as he slide them into her small finger gently and pressing his lips on her hand as he lifted his head to look into her. Her face shined with a bright smile and they looked around when some claps sounds came in to break their moment. Excited Janhvi says something in Holland language and we saw Diya taking our picture. The boutique staff came around us wishing us and a few of them said something as they dragged me inside as I try to tell them to let me go. I only saw Mehak’s giggling at my misery. I was taken inside to change into a tuxedo and set my hair quickly. I came out and I saw Mehak was decked up as bride. My little bride which I don’t mind getting married again and again and again. One of the boutique assistant came and said that since we didn’t had western ceremony we should take pictures in their boutique and they could use our picture as showcase in their boutique too. Never had I thought of something which I want to do it playfully gets serious business like this. I nodded happily and I walked towards Mehak who was waiting patiently for me. She let out a loud laughter as Janhvi said he is handsome like a prince. Mehak walked slowly towards me and we started to pose happily as they told us to pose and they took our pictures there. It was once in a lifetime memory to us which we will definitely treasure for the rest of our life.

We went to change our clothes and Diya finally selected the dress she want. We took that and went to get the matching accessories. While we were busy having our lunch Diya showed us the pictures she took at the boutique.

Diya: You guys look amazing. Just look at you two. Shaurya the way you came down on your knees proposing Mehak was filmy a bit but trust me it was so beautiful and the way how Mehak’s reaction to you was epic.

Shaurya: Thank you Diya.

Diya: Mehak show me your ring, I didn’t see them properly.

Mehak showed her finger to her.

Diya: Wow Shaurya this is an antique piece Amethyst rose gold ring. You have selected the right jewelry for your jaan.

Mehak: Yes Diya, he is good in all these things. I don’t know much about all these stuffs but everything he gets for me is something unique and special too.

Mehak showed them their wedding pictures back in India. Diya and Janhvi giggled seeing Mehak in that designer lehnga and how she graced down the aisle as she walks towards Shaurya. Mehak told them how she tricked Shaurya for the Jaimala rasam and all laughed hearing it.

Shaurya: Meri jaan, no need to remind how dumb I was then, that was once and I was alert after that not falling into your tricks anymore.

Mehak: Aww looks like someone is upset.

Shaurya: No I am not upset just feeling dumb. How can someone can fool The Shaurya Khanna on the wedding mandap?

Diya stopped them and asked them to go for a walk and they returned home so they can rest and pack for the upcoming long weekend at Domburg.

The trip to Domburg was almost to 2hrs. Ruben arranged a mini bus for us and it’s just few days away for weekend, Shaurya and Mehak went along so they have time to discover this new city too. True to Ruben’s word is such a sight. The seaside town in the North Sea. The city’s harbor was busy with fishing boats and locals busy with their daily trade.

We headed to a villa which is 750 meters away from the beach. The property has sufficient rooms for all guests and huge kitchen and also a housekeeper who is very helpful. There is golf course adjacent to the property too. We were given a room which comes with a balcony. Once we left our belongings we freshen up so we can walk around and later visit Ruben’s family too.

At the balcony, Shaurya came to see the view and the countryside is indeed like haven. The air smells fresh and calm and the environment not to forget it’s quite and free from bustling town like back in their home Delhi.

Mehak: So what are you thinking about?

Shaurya: You tell me first.

Mehak: Hmm this place is wonderful. It’s something like from the calendar we see, with big bungalows and green lushes’ garden with colorful plants, its look the same. Look at the colorful flowers, so beautiful. (Clinging to Shaurya’s arm) thank you thank you thank you so much Shaurya for bringing me here. I am so happy.

Shaurya: By the way you are most welcome. Well coming to Amsterdam was my plan but coming to Domburg is not, is Diya and Ruben’s plan so don’t thank me.

Mehak: But Shaurya…

Shaurya: No more talking lets go, all must be waiting for us.

They joined others and headed to Ruben’s home. They welcome us happily the rest of the evening went well with dinner followed by bonfire and planning of next day activities.

The next day after breakfast all went for a stroll along the beach. Janhvi and Mehak were running around and Janhvi went to hide behind Shaurya. Mehak tried to get her but it was not easy for her. Lastly she tapped on his shoulder and said so now is your turn. He looked confused at Janhvi, Diya who is laughing silently and Mehak who is walking backward smiling at him mischievously. Janhvi screeched go handsome, please catch Mehak didi. Shaurya signed at her that he will and started to run around towards Mehak. Mehak panted as she tries to escape from him. Diya give her support for Mehak. Mehak stopped after sometimes panting to catch some breath and she told me wait for a while but Shaurya stepped forward as his eyes glints in mischievously. While Mehak was busy calms her breathing he grabbed her by her knees and throw her on his shoulder and like Santa carries his present sack. Mehak who was taken aback by his action started to hit his back asking him to put her on the ground, but Shaurya didn’t bother her at all. Diya let out hearty laughter while Janhvi claps seeing this and keep saying yeay Shaurya is strong man and now Mehak didi has lost the game. Mehak was totally embarrassed with his stunt and she stayed quiet most of the time. She pouted at him angrily as he tried to persuade her. She became herself after sometimes. They met with Ruben’s family again. They suggested that night to go for the annual carnival happening in the town.

Mehak was thrilled to see the carnival. Both were holding hands trying out all the rides in the carnival. Mehak was so much elated by the huge Ferris wheel. She only seen a small ones but this is huge and the lights around it lit up the skyline. It was indeed crowded, and loud music sound filled the air and people are bustling around happily. Mehak and Shaurya tried the Ferris wheel, merry go around and air swing. Later they walked towards the popcorn stall to try the popcorn and also they saw how they freshly make cotton candy with attractive colors of unicorns. As they walk down munching the snacks, Mehak saw the booth which does balloon shooting and suggested to check it out. The stall owner told them the rules and what is the gift they will get too. Mehak insist Shaurya to give a try, and Shaurya pass the cotton candy box to her and took the gun from the owner as he aim at the balloon. Within a flick of seconds he manage to shoot all the balloons hanging in the same row. Mehak jumped in excitement seeing it and hugged Shaurya. Later Shaurya pass the gun to Mehak and made her to straighten herself. He pulled the popcorn and cotton candy boxes from her hands and ask her to try shoot at least 1 balloon from there. She refused as she doesn’t want to embarrass herself. But the stall owner and Shaurya made her try once and she agreed to it. She aim the gun to the balloon and inhale a deep breath. Shaurya held her by her waist behind her as he whispered to her ear, come on baby, you can do it. She pulled the trigger and she manage to shoot not one by two balloons at one go. Mehak jumped in happiness hugging Shaurya and unknowingly she kissed his cheek which made Shaurya smile bright like bloomed sunflower. The stall owner give them each a soft toy puppy to which Mehak melted immediately as she thanked the stall owner. They made a few more rounds around the carnival before heading back to the villa.

Song: Paniyon Sa

From movie: Satyameva Jayate

Music: Rochak Kohli
Lyrics: Kumaar
Label: T-Series
Singer: Atif Aslam, Tulsi Kumar

Jo Tere Sang Laagi Preet Mohe
Since I’ve become attached to You
Rooh Baar Baar Tera Naam Le
My soul keeps on uttering Your name
Ki Rab Se Hai Maangi Yahi Duaa
I just pray this to God
Tu Haathon Ki Laqeerien Thaam Le
May You catch hold of the lines of fate (on my hands)
(May You become a part of my destiny/fate now)

Chup Hain Baatein, Dil Kaise Bayaan Main Karoon
My words are silent, how should I express what my heart feels
Tu Hi Kehde, Woh Jo Baat Main Keh Na Sakoon
Please tell me those words which I am not able to speak/utter

Ke Sang Tere Paniyon Sa, Paniyon Sa, Paniyon Sa Behta Rahoon…
I want to keep on flowing alongside You like water
Tu Sunti Rahe Main Kahaniyaan Si Kehta Rahoon…
I want to keep on telling You stories that You will keep on continuously listening
Ki Sang Tere Baadalon Sa, Baadalon Sa, Baadalon Sa Udta Rahoon…
I want to keep on flying alongside You like the clouds
Tere Ek Ishaare Pe Teri Ore Mudta Rahoon…
On seeing just one sign/signal of Yours, I will turn towards You

Ooo… Woo…

Aadhi Zameen, Aadha Aasmaan Thha
My Earth, my Sky, were both incomplete
Aadhi Manzilein, Aadha Raasta Thha
My destination, my roads, were both incomplete
Ek Tere Aane Se Muqamaal Hua Sab Yeh
Upon Your arrival they have all become complete
Bin Tere Jahaan Bhi Bewajah Thha
Without You the whole world seemed worthless

Tera Dil Ban Ke Main Saath Tere Dhadkoon
I want to become Your heart and beat alongside it
Khudko Tujhse Ab Door Na Jaane Doon
I won’t let myself be distant from You

Ke Sang Tere Paniyon Sa, Paniyon Sa, Paniyon Sa Behta Rahoon…
I want to keep on flowing alongside You like water
Tu Sunti Rahe Main Kahaniyaan Si Kehta Rahoon…
I want to keep on telling You stories that You will keep on continuously listening
Ki Sang Tere Baadalon Sa, Baadalon Sa, Baadalon Sa Udta Rahoon…
I want to keep on flying alongside You like the clouds
Tere Ek Ishaare Pe Teri Ore Mudta Rahoon…
On seeing just one sign of Yours, I will turn towards You

Ooo… Woo…

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