RadhaKrishn 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kunti’s Shocking Decision

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Krishna suggests Arjun that his duty right now is to vote for the future king and his decision will matter the most for everyone as he is favorite of many, his mother, Draupadi, guru Dronacharya, Bhisma, and even Karn; also his favorite. He should thinks really well before speaking. Arjun agrees. On the other side, Duryodhan asks Shakuni why didn’t he coronate him on time and supported Krishna. Shakuni says Krishna is very shrewd and brought everyone on time; if he was coronated via power, then Pandavs, Dronacharya, Bhishma, etc., would have become his enemy and they need everyone’s support instead. Duryodhan asks what does he mean. Shakuni says shrewd Krishna told whomever people, final decision will be Dhritarastra and Dhritarastra will for sure choose his son Duryodhan. Duryodhan praises his plan.

Gandhari happily says she was eager to see her Pandavs back and praising Draupadi gives her gandhar necklace. Kunti asks why is she gifting her favorite gandhar necklace. Gandhari says Draupadi is more precious than this necklace and invites everyone for meals. Draupadi asks where is Arjun. Bheem says everyone loves Arjun, so he would have been forcefed by Bhisma, Vidhur, Dronacharya and others with love. As said, they all 3 insist Arjun to have their food. Arjun says he is full. Bhisma picks sweets and tries to forcefeed Arjun when Krishna enters suggesting Arjun to have it as the hands which are feeding him with love may change their side in the future. Vidhur, Bhisma, and Dronacharya stand confused. Bhisma sees tears in Krishna’s eyes and asks reason. Krishna says someone used to love him similarly and feed him kheer, butter, etc., with love; reminiscing Radha. Radha realizes Krishna is remembering her. Krishna reaches her and they both chat.

Kunti orders her sons that their opinion should be same while voting for a future king as she doesn’t want anyone to think that their sons are not united. Krishna says each person has his own heart and feelings and each person’s opinion differs, so she should let her sons speak their mind. Kunti gets says even then… Bhim says he knows only food, but even he can understand Krishna’s vast knowledge and simple suggestions. Arjun says Krishna explains so easily and handles the toughest situation with so much ease, he is really great. Krishna continues sharing his moral gyaan.

Precap: Arjun insists Krishna to guide him. Krishna says he needs to develop self-confidence in himself. Balram tells Arjun is getting blind in Krishna’s devotion. Krishna says Arjun himself has to break this barrier and if he cannot, he has to go through a tough situation.

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