Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 5

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Episode begins ridhima removes shera and gets shocked to see vansh. Vansh says Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar. Ridhima looks at kabir. Kabir goes near vansh and grabs his collar just then he gets a call that he’s been suspended.

Ridhima asks vansh what’s going on. How can u marry me. Vansh glares at her. Kabir was about to hit vansh when vansh holds his hand .

Vansh says what u guys think vansh is bewakoof . He goes near ridhima and pulls her holds her close (so close that they can sense their breath)  Ridhima feels something strange Immj song plays. Kabir glares at them.

Kabir recalls when he told ridhima to go close to vansh. Vansh looks at kabir and says did u  remembered something. Vansh pushes ridhima. Kabir says it means u knew before. Vansh says interesting very interesting.

Ridhima says vansh if u knew that it was our plan then y didn’t u punished me. Vansh says what u guys thinks that u can fool vansh rai Singhania.He goes near kabir and says I know u . Vansh says meri nazar toh hamesa se tum par thi kabir. I was there when u told this girl sorry mrs vansh rai Singhania to spy. I was waiting for u to cum behind me but u just sent a girl very cheap thinking. I thought we will fight man to man .

Vansh looks at ridhima and says how can u love him. Ishq mein marne mein PSD kar rakhi hai kya. Ridhima glares at him. Vansh says ur plan full proof .What u think kabir u will cum to my vr Mansion, switch off the lights many times ,u entered in with waiter getup. U knw it suits u .

Ridhima says how did u know this. Vansh says VR Mansion is my kingdom. I rule there.  There are CCTV cameras in my Mansion everywhere ,every corners.

Kabir says I cut the electricity so how cum CCTV records everything. Vansh says actually its connected to other side. Btw kabir sorry for ur suspension. Ridhima looks at vansh.

Vansh says so kabir go and learn first than cum to me. Kabir takes out his gun and about to shoot when angre stops him. Angre beats kabir. Ridhima tries to go but vansh holds her and says where are u going mrs ridhima vansh rai Singhania. Big name. Congratulations we r married. Ridhima says how u know we were getting married. Vansh says Pandit ji, he’s our trusted person. Thank u for giving me information. Pandit smiles and went.

Vansh says when kabir came outside I made him concious and took his place. Nobody can take my place in ur life ridhima. Welcome to hell ridhima and I got a surprise .Vansh signals angre and he calls police and makes ridhima arrested. Kabir tries to stop but fails. Police was about to take ridhima just then vansh stops her and says Tumari Ishq Ki Hadh toh dekh li Maine. Now It’s my turn.  Vansh goes near kabir and says what have you done. I won’t forgive u. U will pay for ur deeds. Tit for Tat.

Ridhima gets confused. Police takes her  away. Kabir goes behind her. Vansh says interesting very interesting. Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar. History will repeat itself.

Precap: Vansh meets ridhima in jail. Ridhima gets some clue.

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  3. Reet

    OMG, Vansh got Ridhima arrested, that too after marrying her, and Kabir is suspended, i can’t wait to know what will happen. And how Vansh said that history will repeat itself, did Kabir do something to Vansh in the past, i can’t wait for the next update and find out the answers to my questions. I really missed this FF

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      Me too

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      I am very much sad when you didn’t updated.

  4. I hope it was a big dream of riddhima

  5. nice episode waiting for other ones.,…….

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  7. i just loved this peace and am liking this mystrey you are creating

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