RadhaKrishn 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna Ends Sishupal’s Life

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Krishna warns Sishupal that he insulted a mother and a wife, its time for his end. Sishupal says he will end Krishna and prove that he is a coward, he is not divine but wicked, thief, fugitive, watches women bathing in river, dances with women at night, has 16000 wives and wants even Radha, etc. Krishna keeps counting his sins and warns him to shut his mouth now or else he will be killed for insulting Kunti, Draupadi and Radha. Sishupal says he got angry hearing about Radha, he will describe about Radha and degrades Radha’s character. Krishna gets more angry. Duryodhan and Shakuni smirk seeing that. Sishupal says he will end Krishna now and shoots arrow at Krishna, but arrow destroys before reaching Krishna. Krishna asks if his efforts failed; he insulted Kunti and Draupadi and dared to insult Radha, now he doesn’t deserve to be alive. He gets his sudharshan chakra. Sishupal stammmers that he is immortal and Krishna cannot kill him. Krishna reminds him that Narayan promised Sishupal’s mother that Krishna will spare 100 sins against him, his 100 sins have finished and now he should die. Sishupal pleads Duryodhan and Shakuni to save them. He then pleads Krishna to spare him. Krishna says forgiveness is for mistakes and not sins, he has to be killed but sincne he apologized, he will know who Radha really is. He shows that Radha and Krishna are one, ardha Krishneradheshwar and ardha Radha Krishneshwar. He then beheads Sishupal.

Duryodhan shouts Krishna killed Sishupal and made this yagna impure, so this yagna cannot be accepted. Krishna says this yagna is pure and killing a sinner who entered as guest and insulted a mother, wife, and a woman. Duryodhan shouts he will not accept Yudistra as king. Krishna says he already accepted it. Duryodhan walks away with Shakuni and Dushyasan. Yudistra invites Krishna to sit on throne. Radha from jungle via superpowers notices Krishna’s finger bleeding and says nobody noticed his injured finger and nobody is worried for him, she asks Draupadi if she will not nurse her friend. Krishna leaves sabha. Draupadi follows him and tying cloth on his wound says it must be paining, but he did right by beheading Sishupal. Krishna promises to help Draupadi whenever she needs him. He tells Radha that when she cannot reach him, she sent Draupadi.

Duryodhan returns to room and shouts that he was insulted repeatedly. He gets Shakuni’s letter to control his anger and be ready for different war. He sends him gambling dices as gift and says these are made from his father’s skeleton and will listen to him completely, if he orders 3 or 12, he will get 3 or 12 perfectly; now Duryodhan should send a gambling invitation to Pandavs and be ready to take revenge as kshatriyas cannot reject gambling or war invitation.

Precap: Krishna tells Radha that this gambling will make a history which nobody will forget. Duryodhan after winning in gambling orders Dushyasan to bring Draupadi and disrobe her. Radha asks Krishna to protect Draupadi.

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