Pavitra Bhagya 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Pranati blames Vardhan for his wrongdoings

Pavitra Bhagya 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Few women have come to Khurana House and are shouting slogans against Pranati. She could escape from this police but we wont spare her. Dadi asks them to leave. This is my house. She whispers one of the ladies to continue this drama. The lady smiles and pushes Dadi. Riya tells them to be ashamed of treating an old lady like that. Other ladies tell her to bring Pranati. Riya requests them to leave but they continue bad mouthing her. Archit tells them to be quiet. You are highly mistaken. They taunt him and call him Pranati’s lover. He tells them to know the truth before saying anything. The ladies continue making a fuss about it. Dadi pretends to be ill. Riya gives her water. We helped a girl in her bad time but we never thought this is how things will turn out. Reyansh comes there just then. What happened? He asks those ladies who they are and what they want. They demand for justice. You cannot keep that characterless woman in your house like this. A girl like her does not deserve to live in society. Vardhan looks tensed. Riya questions the ladies. Dadi shows thumbs up to the lady. Riya tells the ladies that Pranati is not keeping well. the lady points at Archit. She was missing him. She will come out now that he is here.

Reyansh takes Archit outside. What are you doing here? Archit says you aren’t picking my calls. I had to know how she is so I had to come here. Reyansh replies that she is out of danger. Archit asks him what happened to him. Why are you behaving so nicely? Are you fine? Reyansh asks him if abusing him will make him feel better. Leave now. Archit refuses. Reyansh tells them that things are going to be escalated right now. Your presence will only aggravate it. Archit wants to save Pranati. Reyansh says what else do you think I am doing. It is good though as she will be thrown out of the house after all these allegations. She will come to you only. Archit asks him if he is in his senses. What are you saying? Jugnu asks Reyansh what’s going on. Reyansh assures her that everything is fine. He takes her inside.

Riya asks the ladies to leave. Pranati is not well. Dadi nods at the ladies. The lady notices Pranati coming downstairs and points at her. All eyes turn to her. She stumbles in her step and Vardhan holds her. Are you fine? She looks at him in shock and confusion. She experiences flashes once again. Riya asks her if she is fine. Pranati nods. Riya tells her to rest. Why did you come here? The ladies call her shameless and badmouth her. She shouts at them to stop. A woman is maligning a woman’s character today! What kind of a world is this? They ask her if they are wrong. Is the news a lie? Pranati asks for a proof of what’s being shown in the news. Did anyone find out why I was there in the first place? They ask her to answer. Pranati makes it clear that she is not having an affair. I don’t need any man in my life. She looks at Archit. Secondly, I don’t know what you know. I went there for my school’s project. Vardhan smirks. How will she remember why she was there! Dadi signals the lady to press Pranati. They ask Pranati what presentation was she giving in a hotel room. What a great actor you are! Pranati requests them to believe her. I honestly don’t know what happened there. They point at Archit. What was he doing here? They ask Riya if she still believes her Pranati Didi. She is an unwed mother. Raise her well. you stay here with them and are making an illicit relation with someone else. Pranati looks at Archit again. Enough! A lady says we know your kind well. you are just using your girl so you can have all these luxuries. Leave the girl with this family. They will handle her. Pranati refuses to leave Jugnu. They challenge her to go to court. We will prove it in court that you are a characterless woman!

Archit asks the ladies what they are saying. I dint go to meet her. You can even check with the hotel manager if you don’t believe me. It was an accident. We will find out the truth. Don’t blame her falsely. The ladies are undeterred. Don’t pretend to be doing something for the society in the name of all this. Don’t know what the future generation will learn from people like you. Reyansh comes there as well. He tells Pranati to recall what happened. Pranati says everything was going wrong. I don’t understand anything. He tells her to think again. The ladies taunt her again but Reyansh tells them to let her try. Give her 2 minutes. Vardhan is happy thinking she may try as hard as she wants but she wont remember anything. Reyansh prays to Ganpati Bappa to help Pranati. Pranati is able to see everything clearly. She opens her eyes in shock and turns around. Vardhan is responsible for this.

Everyone looks at Vardhan in shock. Pranati says he tried to molest me in that room. Vardhan is spellbound. What are you mumbling? Have you lost your mind? He tells Reyansh to talk sense to her. She is saying anything. Pranati walks up to him angrily and pulls him by his collar. Am I lying? You tried to take advantage of me! You know what I am saying. I remember everything! You were in that hotel, right? He refuses as he pushes her hands away. He tells Dadi she is saying anything. The medicine has affected her brain. What else to expect from a girl like you! Reyansh is looking at Pranati all along. Vardhan calls Pranati very smart. You are blaming me just because you got caught! Pranati tells him not to lie. She is about to slap him but Reyansh holds her hand.

Precap: Dadi tries to throw Pranati out of the house but Reyansh holds her hand. Pranati wont go anywhere till the time we find out the truth. I wont let anyone question a woman’s character again. This mistake has happened once in this house but I wont let it happen again. I will find out the truth at any cost. He tells her to tell him whatever is in her heart. I am with you if you are being honest.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Ugh unless he holds her hand to smack Vardaan himself I am not bothering about this serial

    1. Obviously, Ray is an idiot and dadi’s puppet.. That why i also leave this show alone

  2. Each time Pragati is crying..Too much now…
    We need to see women strong..Pragati should change this home..I can be a good script writer

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