RadhaKrishn 16th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha Is Stunned

RadhaKrishn 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha gets tensed seeing grocery falling on road from torn bag and tries to pick grocery. Krishna asks her not to pick soiled grocery and to go home while he brings grocery for her. Radha says she cannot take his help. Balram says if she will obey her Dau. Radha nods yes. Balram asks her to go home then. Radha leaves. Balram asks Krishna why don’t he reveal Radha who did it. Krishna says Radha will not believe him and Narayan always helps good people anyways.

Akroor tells Kans that whatever plan he makes, Krishna overpowers it, so he cannot kill Krishna. Kans says Ekdansh will kill Krishna and if he does not, he will pray Mahakali who gave boon to Ekdansh. He orders Akroor to arrange for a big yagna. In Kailash mata Gowri/Mahakali asks Mahadev to stop Kans from performing yagna. Mahadev says he cannot.

Radha returns home nervously. Ugrapath calls her. Jatila says Radha alone went to buy grocery and today will prepare feast as could not prepare kheer yesterday. Radha gets tensed and walks to kitchen. Shuka repeats grocery came. Krishna and Balram take grocery home. Yashoda asks why they brought grocery when they already have so much. Balram says it is for Radha. Krishna says a special gift also go along with grocery. Balram takes big box to Radha’s house and says her grocery came. Radha tells Ugrapath that since grocery was huge, shopkeepers suggested to carry it in a box. Balram says it was so heavy that a normal man cannot lift it, forget Radha, so he helped Radha. Jatila fumes thinking Krishna and Balram always spoil her plans and scolds Radha that she should have taken her husband’s help. Ayan walks in and yells at Balram that he is crossing limits by coming here daily. Balram asks him to relax as Ayan cannot lift such a huge box. Ayan says why can’t he and carries box while Balram cheers him up. Radha walks into kitchen thinking she did not buy such huge grocery, then why box is so heavy. Krishna emerges out of box throwing flowers on her.

Precap: Krishna asks Radha if she feels unhappy whenever she meets him. Radha asks him to go before anyone sees him. Ayan walks in. Kans does yagna and Mahakali emerges.

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