Spoilers 17th July 2019

Nimki Mukhiya: Tetar just wants to get rid of Babbu as his opponent. He knows Babbu has become a strong contender and may win the elections. Tetar finds risk for his position. Rituraj is much confident and laughs on Nimki’s silly demand. He tells everyone that Tetar can never do anything without his help, Tetar depends on him completely. Tetar angrily slaps Rituraj and ruins his pride. He kicks out Rituraj from the house and fulfills Nimki’s demand. He asks Nimki to stop Babbu from contesting in the elections. Nimki wins in her first move. She wants to trick Tetar.

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki: There is a party at home for Suman’s welcome. Shashi gets doubtful about Suman and Badal. She sees them partying and comes to know that Badal studied in the same college as Suman and is her good friend. She comes to Pujan Pandey. Pujan Pandey asks if the kids are enjoying. Shashi says yes and tells that Suman’s friends met her after a long time and says they studied in Banaras even Suman’s stuff member Badal. Pujan Pandey is surprised and calls Suman. He asks if Badal studied with her in Banaras college. Suman hesitantly says yes. Pujan Pandey asks why did she lie to him. Suman says she thought he will not agree.

Nimki Mukhiya

Kulfi Kumar


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