RadhaKrishn 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Shocking Decision

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Ayan announces that only Radha can become Barsana’s chief/mukhiya in her father’s absence. Balram is shocked to hear that. Krishna says that is why he was insisting to make Ayan as mukhiya, now Kans is waiting for Radha in Mathura and he has to go behind to save Radha. Radha says she wants to be with her father and does not want to become mukhiya. Kirtida says Radha is still a kid. Ayan says every mother thinks her child is a kid, but now Radha has to accept her responsibility and become mukhiya. All villagers back him. Krishna hopes Radha should not accept this offer. Radha says she does not want to become mukhiya as she wants to be with his father when he is fighting for his life. Krishna relaxes while Ayan and Jatila fumes.

Krishna meets Radha at night and offers her kheer

as she is hungry since morning. Radha says she is not hungry. Krishna says even he has to sleep hungry then. Radha asks if he also did not have anything since morning and agrees to have kheer. Krishna feeds her kheer and she also feeds him kheer in return. After they finish kheer, Radha rests on Krishna’s shoulder and asks if baba will get well soon. Krishna says Radha took a right decision of not accepting to become mukhiya and decided to be beside her father, she should stick to her decision and should not change it.

Ayan and Jatila via black magic inform Karn that Radha did not agree to become mukhiya. Kans says nothing is impossible for him and gives him black magical stone to hypnotize Vrishbhan. Ayan reaches Vrishbhan’s room and smears stone around him. Vrishbhan opens eyes and coughs. Ayan hides. Kirtida enters hearing Vrishbhan coughing and happily informs everyone that Vrisbhan is awake now. Everyone gather. Ugrapath asks him who should be next mukhiya. Vrishbhan points at Ayan and then at Radha. Radha walks to him and holds her hand. He says Radha Rani and collapses again. Ayan and Jatila say Vrishbhan wants to make Radha as Barsana’s rani/mukhiya and she should accept it. Krishna signals at Radha not to, but she says she will fulfill Baba’s wish and become mukhiya.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that vision is nature’s one of precious gift to living beings; if one wants to separate thorns from rose, he/she

Precap: Radha requests Krishna to accompany her to Mathura. Krishna says it is his duty to stop her and he will not accompany her. Ugrapathy announces Barsana mukhiya Radha Rani to come foward. Radha walks in wearing crown and holding sword.

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