Ladies Special 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Holi Celebrations

Ladies Special 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita goes to Amar’s ICU room. Nurse says her husband’s condition is improving and he will be awake soon, anyways wife’s prayers don’t go waste anytime. Kangana gets jealous hearing that. Bindu thanks Kangana. Kangana says Amar is hers and Bindu need not say thank you to her. Bindu sadly walks away. Kangana cries that she know understands what Amar felt when she tried to suicide, she will die if he does not get well soon. In waiting area, Bheem helps Mota pappa do physical therapy. Moti mamma asks Mota pappa to stop now. Mota pappa says he wants to get well soon for Amar. Moti mamma asks Bheem to take leave tomorrow as tomorrow it holi festival. Mota pappa asks to come for sure then. Bheem says he will as he does not have any other work though. Meghna calls on Binda’s phone. Mota pappa picks calls and informs that Bindu is in ICU with Amar. Meghna is shocked to hear that and rushes to hospital with Prarthana discussing Bindu will never tell her problems.

They reach hospital and Bindu explains them whole situation. Meghna scolds why did not she inform them beforehand. She sees Kangana passing by and badmouths her. Bindu asks her not to say so and introduces her to them. Kangana says hello and walks away with jealous face. Meghna continues pulling Bindu’s legs that Amar is a fool to run behind a plastic doll instead of beautiful Bindu. She then taunts Prarthana’s saying Viraaj loves her and runs behind her, she should express her love before it is too late. Prarthana shies. Meghna says tomorrow is holi and her family is organizing holi in her society. Prarthana says they don’t celebrate holi. Meghna invites Prarthana and Bindu for her society’s holi celebrations. She says she will even invite Viraaj.

Mota pappa informs Bindu that Amar is awake now. Amar identifies Kangana, Mota pappa, Moti mamma and asks where is Bindu. Kangana gets jealous hearing that. Bindu enters emotionally. Amar says he is fine. Holi celebrations start at Meghna’s society. Bindu and Prarthana’s family also join them. They then celebrate holi next day individually with their families.

Percap: Meghna’s family celebrates holi and Meghna performs lavani dance. Prarthana slaps Viraaj.

Update Credit to: MA

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