RadhaKrishn 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sam Provokes Tulsi Against Radha

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Radha tells Jamvati that she wants to connect with Krishna as he told she can find him if she tries to connect with him. Jamvati says even she wants to see Radha Krishna together now and requests to help Radha in her mission. Radha says she should stay back and take care of Dwarka as per Krishna’s wish. She leaves with Nishat. Jamvati continues crying. Sam says he didn’t know she would feel so bad with Krishna’s absence. Jamvati says without Radha Krishna, Dwarka is incomplete. Sam says Krisha turned into stone and Radha is out of Dwarka, they always wanted Radha and Krishna’s end. Jamvati says she loves her husband immensely cannot think of his end. Sam thinks he should find out how did Jamvati change, says he should mourn for whatever happened. She says she cannot see Radha sad and wants to help her, asks will he fulfill her wish. He agrees and asks her to go rest. She leaves. Laxmana asks if he will fulfill mother’s wish. He says he doesn’t want Radha to bring back Krishna, but promised mom to keep her words.

Radha reaches ancient temple with Nishat with great difficulties. Nishant sees snake and tries to kill it, but Radha stops her.. Nishat says this place is very dangerous. Radha says she need not worry when Mahadev stays here. She clean place and asks Nishant to leave. He says he had promised to protect her. She says she is safe under Mahadev’s guidance and will not go from here without Krishna, so he should return and as a mother its her order. He leaves. She continues cleaning temple thinking soon she will meet Krishna and their separation will end soon. Krishna’s soul thinks they are one as soul.

Devi Gauri asks Mahadev what is Radha talking about. Mahadev says Radha is sacrificing Krishna for Krishna. She asks if its inappropriate. He says he cannot say anything and nobody can go against time wheel. She asks if Krishna also cannot do anything. He says even Krishna can’t. She asks if Krishna will silently watch Radha sacrificing him. He says nobody can do anything against time wheel.

Balram walks to Radha and feeling sad for her requests to return to Dwarka. She says she will stay here with Krishna’s soul and requests him to convince devi Tulsi to meet her once. Balram asks how can he do that. She says he has to. Sam watching them hiding thinks now he will find out what is Radha up to. He walks to them and says he was searching them since long. Balram asks why did he come here. Sam says he came to help Radha on his mother’s order. Radha asks if he really wants to help her, he should bring devi Tusli here one last time. Sam says Tulsi may not come here without any reason, so she should tell him why he wants to call Tulsi here. Balram asks Radha not to trust Sam as he is a traitor and tricked them always. Radha says Sam is right, he should tell devi Tulsi that she should come for the love which she also experienced before. Sam insists to reveal her intention in detail, but Radha doesn’t. Sam leaves. Balram apologizes Radha not not helping her clean the temple. Radha says she needs his power and bring a huge stone boulder for her. Balram asks what will she do with stone. Radha says Tulsi made Krishna a stone and she will make Krishna’s idol out of stone.

Tulsi cries reminiscing Krishna’s trick and Shankchurn’s end. Guard informs that Krishna’s son has come to meet her. She signals to send him in. Sam walks in. Tulsi asks why did he come here. He says his father did wrong to her by tricking her and getting her husband Shankchurn killled, he would have punished his father if she had not cursed him. She asks what will he do. He says he wants justice to her, but Radha doesn’t want justice to her.

Sam brings a big stone and tells Radha if she needs even bigger one, he can bring it. She says this one is enough. He asks what will he do with it. She says he will understand later and starts sculpting it. He says he will break it for her. She says she is searching something in it and doesn’t want to break it. She starts sculpting it again. He asks why is she troubling her so much. She says Krishna left her and she doesn’t mind whatever happens to her. Krishna’s soul feels sad and thinks she lost her Krishna in stone and is trying to find him in stone, if she is sure she can find him in stone.

Precap: Tulsi meets Radha. Radha says she knew she would come. Tulsi asks what will she sacrifice. Radha says she will sacrifice Krishna an promises to not even look at Krishna if she returns him.

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