Pratigya 2 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Pratigya goes against Krishna

Pratigya 2 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Krishna tells Pratigya that you are not understanding anything. He takes her from there and asks why she is not listening to him? Pratigya says you asked me to choose so I did. Krishna says Balwant’s case is above this family for you? Pratigya says I choose both my family and my work, this is my house so I will not leave it.
Sajjan says I don’t think Pratigya will change her decision. Shakti says you have spoiled her, my wife cannot open her mouth in front of me, I can use her but then throw her away. Sumitra tells Sajjan that he has to do something, she doesn’t respect Krishna. Komal asks her to calm down. Sumitra says that will not change anything. Sajjan says I have to do something.
Krishna tells Pratigya that you have to leave your job, you did everything you wanted but I am asking for this, why are you putting me down? Pratigya says you never said anything like this, you never asked me for any permission then why do I need your permission? Krishna says I have never done anything like that, I listen to you every time but you don’t, I am telling you to leave work. Pratigya says I will not leave my work or this house. Krishna grabs her arm and says you won’t listen to me? Pratigya says what will you do? Beat me? Force me? Krishna gets ashamed and leaves from there.

A blackmailer calls Krishna and says I now want 3 crores. Krishna says you asked for 1 crore before. The blackmailer says I will make your son’s video viral if you don’t give me money, he ends the call. Krishna says who is this? The blackmailer is Samar and Shakti. Samar says we will get 3 crores soon, just worry about hiding it. Shakti laughs and says you are like me, you are my real son. It will be fun. Pratigya and Krishna are small people but we will rule this place.

Krishna comes to Balwant and says the blackmailer wants 3 crores now, you have no plan of what to do next. Pratigya comes there. Krishna leaves from there. Sajjan asks what happened? He asks her to sit with him. Pratigya says I know you are miffed with me too, Do I have to choose between work or family? Sajjan says you have to understand that family is above everything, you have to decide what you can sacrifice for your work.

Scene 2
Krishna asks Sajjan why didn’t he tell Pratigya to leave her work? A worker comes there and says I have a report from the forensic lab. Krishna tries to take it but Pratigya comes there and gets it. Krishna gets tensed and says I will put it in your office, Pratigya ignores him. Balwant comes there and says give this report to me, I need it the most. Pratigya says I can’t give a legal paper to you or to anyone. Balwant says just open the report and tell me what’s written inside. Pratigya says I am not your servant, I will follow the law so be patient. Balwant says you think I will not find out? I will use my means if you don’t want me to follow the right path. Pratigya says you can choose any path but I will not give you this letter. Balwant angrily leaves from there. Pratigya goes away. Sajjan tells Krishna that we have to get the report from Pratigya, distract her somehow. Krishna calls Pratigya and says Sajjan wants tea. Pratigya says that letter is important but I will make tea first. She goes to the kitchen.

Samar asks Shakti what’s the value of this palace? Shakti says it’s 1 crore. Samar says what if this palace is bought by us? We will get 3 crores from him then buy this place and kick everyone out. Shakti says you are my son. Samar says if you try to be my father then I will kick you out too, you will stay in the servant’s quarter. Shakti says wow.

Pratigya brings tea for Krishna. She asks if he needs anything else? Krishna says can you bring water to the bathroom?

Sajjan and Komal come to Pratigya’s home office, they look for the report. Sajjan finds it.

The episode ends.

PRECAP – Sajjan and Komal burn the forensic report.
Pratigya thinks I knew Balwant or his man might come to take the report that’s why I had put a fake report in my office, I still have the real report with me. She takes the report from her hidden place and reads it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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