RadhaKrishn 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna To Cancel Wedding

RadhaKrishn 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna applying mehandi on Radha’s hand tells he met blanket wearing man. Radha asks who was he, he told Krishna is angry on him. Krishna says now everything is fine and he left. Radha asks is everything alright. Krishna says no, but that person’s problem is solved; asks if she has any issue in her mind. Radha nods no. Krishna says that person was burning in guilt for years, if even she wants to burn in guilt. Radha turns away and with tears in her eyes she says she is not. Krishna asks if is okay with a guilt of seeing her parents in trouble. Radha turns to him. Krishna says he knows everything. Tears roll down their eyes. Krishna asks why she is carrying so much pressure on herself and did not share it with him. Radha asks how can she as he was enjoying wedding rituals and she cannot see 2 most important people in her life sad, Vrishbhan Baba and Krishna. Krishna aks if she can live happily seeing her parents in trouble. She nods no. He says she has to follow her duty as daughter. Radha asks if he wants her to say no to wedding. Krishna says not to ask him what he wants, it is better at this time they don’t marry. Radha repeats at the same time. Radha cries leaning on Krishna’s shoulder, her tears fall on her mehandi. She tells him that baba will not agree to cancel wedding. Krishna says he will force Vrishbhan kaka to cancel wedding and if she is with him. She says she is always with him. Krishna says he always will be hers, let us stop this wedding now. They both return to wedding venue.

Kirtida asks Krishna why his eyes are not searching Radha. Krishna says Radha dwells in his eyes, so why should he search her. Balram praises Krishna. Radha walks down and asks if they can continue rituals. Kirtida says like us, they both are eager to get married. Yashoda says if she can, she will take Radha home right now. Chandravali taunts that their skin turned red with haldi, it must be Balram dau’s prank. Balram accepts and says he mixed mehandi in haldi and laughs on them. Chandravali and her friends request Vrishbhan to punish Balram dau. Vrishbhan says it is just a mehandi and will fade away. Chandravali checks Radha’s mehandi and says she did not see such a beautiful menhandi in life as it has Krishna’s love in it. Kirtida says Radha proved her love by just entering 2 words on her palm instead of applying it on her whole hand.

Ugrapath walks in and says wedding date is after 4 days. Vrishbhan says he is okay with it. Ugrapath says then wedding time is fixed and asks Krishna to follow ritual as he does not believe in all this, he cannot see Radha for 3 days as per ritual. Krishna thinks Radha should get ready to break wedding and says Radha cannot stay away from Krishna for 3 days. Ugrapath yells that Krishna always opposes our age old rituals. Vrishbhan says Krishna should follow Ugrapath’s advice. Krishna says he will not.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that a huge tree gives shelter to birds and animals; tree stands still even when its leaves fall and when leaves grow in spring; it accepted change and can share happiness with us; so the biggest truth of life is change and pain and everyone should accept.

Precap: Krishna tells Radha that whatever happens tonight will break their wedding.

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