Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir Supports Kavya

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kavya walks behind Raghav thinking he is surely having file with her information. Raghav gets into PK’s cabin. Jahnvi watches them via window and thinks what they must be speaking about, if Raghav got evidence against her. PK senses someone watching them. Jahnvi hides. Raghav gives files to PK who keeps them in his safety locker. Jahnvi nervously walks in garden when Aarush walks to her and says when she was ill, nobody let him near her. He says gili gili chu and now her pain will be gone. Jahnvi says her pain is gone. He says Veer/Kabir and Jahnvi went to school for his admission, but he hates school. Jahnvi thinks Kavya entered Manohar’s room before her and spoilt her plan.

Kabir with Kavya attend Aarush school admission interview and apologizes principal for walking out midway last time. Principal checks form and says father’s name is missing. Kabir asks if father’s name is so necessary and why can’t mother be important. Principal says Vyom Malhotra, she read about him in news paper. Kabir says they are talking about Aarush’s admission who is innocent and not a traitor. Principal gets adamant that Aarush will not get admission in her school. Kabir says he will go to higher authorities and make sure Aarush gets admission. Kavya takes him from there crying.

Ishani panics and blames Jahnvi for losing file, shivers hearing door bell and says Raghv must have come to arrest them. Jahnvi opens door and finds Suman there who scolds her for something and walks away. Jahnvi closes door. Ishani panics more and says Suman is getting well because of Kavya who is controlling house and Jahnvi has gone mad. Jahnvi walks to Suman’s room where Suman is hiding something in vase. Suman nervously speaks and sends Kavya away. Kavya returns. Suman drops vase nervously and lots of tablets fall down. She nervously tells that Kavya asked to do whatever she likes, so she is not taking medicines and is feeling healthy. Jahnvi hugs Suman and says if she is getting well, she should stop taking medicines and praises Kavya that she is taking care of family well.

Kabir and Kavya return home. Jahnvi asks if they got Aarush’s admission. Kavya nods no. Chanda taunts why would anybody give admission to traitor’s son. Jahnvi smirks reminiscing calling principal and informing about Vyom. Kabir supports Kavya and confronts family that Aarush is not a traitor and neither Kavya is. PK scolds him for marrying traitor’s wife and accepting traitor’s son and spoiling family name. Kabir confronts PK, but PK continues yelling at him and Kavya calling her traitor’s wife. Kavya walks away crying. Kabir runs behind her. Jahnvi continues smirking. Kavya throws Vyom’s belongings into dustbin and sets them on fire. Kabir enters and tries to stop her. She cries that she trusted traitor and slept on same bed with traitor, she hates herself now, etc.. Kabir tries to console her and picks water mug to set off fire, but Kavya throws mug and continues panicking.

Precap: Ishani informs Jahnvi that PK is calling. Jahnvi walks to PK and asks what happened and seeing family staring at her asks why everyone are looking at her like that.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Kavaya helped Jhanvi thinking her in danger and Jhanvi spoiled Aarush future…?????
    2. At one point I felt that Jhanvi will hurt everyone for her revenge, but will not hurt or spoil aarush future recalling her past but I was wrong???????
    3. Precap will be surprise of Jhanvi as her truth will not come out soon ofcourse…
    4. Ishani is soo self centered???????
    5. I think Kavya and aarush might leave Mittal house ????

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