RadhaKrishn 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha Stuns Her Family

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RadhaKrishn 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna gifts kheer to Radha as a token of friendship and asks to have it and tell how it was. She says absolutely, she will not share it with anyone. On the other side, Jatila tells Ayan that they have to break Nand and Vrishbhan’s trust for each other, so that she can separate Nand, Vrishbhan, Radha, Krishna.

Radha returns home with kheer bowl. She stops hearing Krishna’s bansuri and runs towards him. Vrishbhan stops her and asks where is she going. Radha says she is going towards Krishna’s bansuri sound. Vrishbhan says okay. Radha says nobody can play bansuri better than Krishna in 40 villages. Kirtida asks if she is fine, she is praising Krishna while she used to hate him before. Radha says she and Krishna are friends now, he gifted her kheer. Kirtida says she

and Yashoda were worried for them, asks to have food. Radha says she will have kheer. Yashoda says she should not insult food and takes her in. Vrishbhan thinks they were fighting till yesterday and became bestfriends within 1 day, how can it be.

Krishna continues playing bansuri. Balram says Radha is in Krishna’s love now. Krishna says Radha is in his attraction and not love. Balram asks what difference it makes whether it is attraction or lvoe. Krishna says there is and he will find out soon. Balram asks to enjoy love and forget everything. Krishna says their love will be an example, so he has to be careful. He walks away silently. Balram thinks if Krishna is happy or sad or both.

Kirtida serves food to Vrishbhan and sees Radha staring at kheer, asks her to have food first. Radha hurriedly finishes food looking at kheer. Kirtida fills her plate again. Radha says she just now finished whole plate, how will she have kheer now. Kirtida says she will get kheer only after finishing food. Radha finishes food and then finishes whole kheer hurriedly. Vrishbhan looks in surprise. Kirtida asks her to eat slowly. Radha says it is very tasty. Kirtida asks to give her some. Radha says never. Vrishbhan says she will give kheer to her baba. Radha says only some is left and she will ask Krishna to prepare more for baba. Vrishbhan thinks something is wrong.. Pandit informs Vrishbhan that food grains as tax for Kans is ready. Vrishbhan asks to load it in cart, they cannot face Kans’ anger.

Ayan mixes poisonous powder in grocery. Radha reaches there and hearing sound asks who is it. Ayan hides. Radha starts buttering milk. A rat bites Ayan. Radha hears sound and asks who is it. Kirtida walks in and asks what happened. Radha says someone is there on the other si9de. Kirtida says it must be rat and hits bags. Radha tells Krishna gve her gift, even she should gift butter to him.

krishna gives moral gyaan that human thinks about results, but why they should if their deeds, they will snot face any problem.

Precap: Radha get butter for Krishna. Her friend says it is love and not friendship.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think the difference is.. Attraction is a possessive attitude which has no patience or peace..
    But love is a trust more than any kind of bond enriched with peace and bliss of divinity..
    We can find restlessness in Radha mata’s activities..

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