Agnifera 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanjay’s Plan Fails

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Agnifera 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni panics in her room after KD announces Sakshi as winner of 3rd test. Kishan walks in. Agni says KD did injustice to her by announcing Sakshi a winner without competition at all. Kishan says Daadi told it was coincidental win. Agni continues that Sakshi tricked and win with emotional drama. Kishan says Sakshi did such a good drama that even he or Vasuu could not say anything. She continues crying. He fails to console her and leaves.

Kishan walks to his room and searches his mobile. Sanjay present there says his son was playing game on Kishan’s mobile. Revathi walks in and asks what happened. Kishan says his phone is missing. Revathi says he should ring phone from other mobile. He does and finds his mobile ringing in Sanjay’s pocket. Sanjay nervously says he does not know when he kept it in his pocket. Kishan says he has gone old and leaves. Revathi says she knows what he is up to and throws mobile on floor, it bursts. Sanjay panicked that his aide told mobile will burst only with remote. Revathi says she found him suspicious and out truth, he was trying to harm Kishan, she will inform family. He tries to stop her and pleads not to. She tries to leave, but he hits her head with vase and she collapses.

Agni searches Revathi in whole house. Sanjay hides her in mattress and keeps it in cupboard and once Agni leaves, he brings Revathi out and fumes that she wanted to expose him and herself will die now. Agni tells Sakshi t=hat Daadi is missing. Sakshi taunts that she should be knowing where Daadi is and taunts that Agni lost twice against her, she will win for sure as whatever she does is by heart. Agni stands fuming. Sanjay roll unonscious Revathii into mattress and rolls it towards store room. Sakshi walks in and searches Revathi.

Yashi asks Agni if she was hurt hearing ammaji announcing Sakshi as 3rd test’s winner. Agni stands silently. Yashi says she should not accept defeat and keep trying. Agni thinks she should apologize Kishan for misbehaving with him. Sakshi calls Revathi’s mobile and it rings in Sanjay’s pocket.

Precap: Sakshi tells Kishan that she hates Agni more than anything in the world. She sees Sanjajy rolling mattress and asks if he is not opening

Update Credit to: MA

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