RadhaKrishn 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna Convinces Kunti

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Arjun requests Krishna to do whatever he wants to convince Kunti. Once he leaves, Radha walks to him and asks what is he thinking. Krishna says when a mother is worried for her children, she just prays for her children’s safety and peace. Radha asks whom he is talking about. He says his aunt Kunti, she is worried about her sons’ safety and thinks Kauravs will try to harm her children again, so she doesn’t want them to go to Hastinapur. Radha asks what is the solution then. He says only love can change her thinking, she needs to experience love to understand that her sons are safe. Radha says what if Krishna makes her experience love.

Kunti dreams about blessing her sons when Krishna says she needs to bless one more son and makes her experience his divinity, asks her to bless even him as even he is her son. She wakes up and walks out and sees Vidhur trying to leave and saying her that he expected Pandavs will accompany him to Hastinapur, but they are not. Kunti stops him and asks where is Krishna. Arjun says he is resting under a tree. She walks to him with folded hands. Krishna asks what is she doing. She says she got a dream in which he told he is also her son, she realized her divinity. Krishna with teary eyes emotionally says he doesn’t know when will he meet his 2 mothers, but she accepted him as her son, he is very happy. She says she realized his divinity and is sure that her sons are safe under his supervision, so she will let her sons go wherever Krishna says.

Arjun watches them from a distance. He walks to Krishna and says he saw how he convinced mother and became her son via divinity, he is mesmerized with Krishna’s knowledge and knew if Pandavs fight with soldiers, they cannot go to Hastinapur, etc. He is Krishna’s disciple from now on will obey Krishna’s orders, he will go wherever Krishna says. Once he leaves, Balram says amazing, he was searching charioteer and got both disciple and charioteer, its very good. Krishna says is not good as a disciple cannot differentiate between good and bad, he would blindly follow without thinking; Arjun still has to pass a lot of tests before he becomes his charioteer and help him establish dharma.

Guard informs Duryodhan and Shakuni that Vidhur is coming with Pandavs. Duryodhan angrily shouts how is it possible. Shakuni says Krishna’s wicked mind is behind all this. Duryodhan yells at Krishna. Karn warns him to dare not speak ill about Krishna as he is a divine person. Shakuni says Krishna is on Pandavs side.

Pandavs gets ready as princess in their original form. Vidhur says they will leave in the morning. Krishna says they should reach Hastinapur before that and should go via secret route. He asks Arjun to ride the chariot and asks him to head via Nandan van. Arjun says this route is very risky. Krishna says they will meet someone there. Pandavs with Krishna, Kunti, and Panchali get into chariot while Arjun rides chariot.

Precap: Duryodhan acts as burning himself and threatens Dhritarastra and Gandhari to pronounce him future king. Krishna asks Arjun to ride chariot fast.

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