RadhaKrishn 11th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahadev’s Siddeshwar Avatar


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RadhaKrishn 11th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Akroor tries to use Mahamaya’s weapon at night to capture women in maya/black magic. Krishna walks to him and says he is doing right. Akroor asks if he knows about Kans’ plan and doesn’t want to stop him. Akroor says definitely not as he wants this to happen. Akroor asks why. Krishna says Radha will take one more step towards eternity. Akroor says it cannot happen as Radha is going against Kans. Krishna says he doesn’t know what Radha can do and Akroor doesn’t have so much knowledge to understand it, but he is the only person who will understand all this in the future. Akroor uses weapon, and Radha, Yashoda, and all other ladies disappear. In the morning, Nand tells Vrishbhan that he dreamt last night that Yashoda has disappeared and he didn’t find her in

the morning. Vrishbhan says even he dreamt same regarding Radha and didn’t find her in the morning. Everyone say their women are missing. Someone returns and says he couldn’t find any woman in whole Barsana. Ayan says all women are tricking them to agree to help them in selling Kans’ good and complete Radha’s challenge. Akroor says Krishna missing and thinks where is he.

Krishna takes Balram to Kans’ black magic area. Radha and all women find themselves in a trapped jungle and think how did they come here from home. Yashoda they are wandering here since long and can’t see any male. Radha says Krishna and Balram and asks where are they. Krishna says they are trapped Kans’ black magic and Kans trapped all women to stop them from completing their challenge. Radha asks why is he here then. He says that is because he is helping them, he has organized devi Siddhidatri yagna and will have to get out of here. Yashoda asks how will they get out of here. Radha says let us continue the story till we find a way to get out of here.

Radha continues her story where Hanuman asks Ram how will devi Sita trust him that Ram sent him here. Ram gives his finger ring and asks Hanuman to show it to Sita. Hanuman flies away and searches devi Sita. He finds her finally in Ravan’s lanka and drops Ram’s ring in front of her. She orders to emerge who has thrown Ram’s ring in front of her. Hanuman walks in front and kneels down as respect. Sita asks if he is Ravan’s aide. Hanuman says he is Ram’s servant and he is the one who informed Ram where Ravan took her finding Sita’s jewelry on ground. Radha says he is really Ram’s servant and asks how is Ram. Hanuman says how can Ram be happy without her. Sita gives her jewelry to give it to Ram. Hanuman burns Ravan’s lanka and returning to Ram gives him Sita’s jewelry. Ram’s tears fall on jewelry. Radha says like Hanuman searched Sita, Barsana men will find them via love and they will get out of this magic. Yashoda says her story filled love in her heart.

Krishna says let us start devi Siddidatri’s yagna, performs it, and asks women to pray devi maa what they need. All women close their eyes and when they open eyes, they don’t find Krishna and Balram. Yashoda asks where did he disappear. Radha says she doesn’t know, but felt already that he will disappear. Krishna thinks Radha is remembering story herself and is getting closer to truth.

Vrishbhan tells men how can women go away from them. Krishna walks in saying they can when they didn’t support them; Radha described them such a beautiful love story of Ram and Sita, even then they didn’t support women. Vrishbhan says they did a mistake and should search them. Ayan tries to stop them. Nand says they shouldn’t have fallen for his words and ask where will they find their women. Krishna says they should have faith like Ram and search them. All men say they will. Balram tells Krishna that he and Radha are telling repeatedly that Hanuman will come, how will he come. Krishna says Hanumanji is Mahadev’s avatar and Mahadev’s Siddeshwar avatar will come. Siddeshwar walks to them. Krishn and Balram greet him.

Precap: Radha describes how Ram built Prem setu to reach Lanka and end Ravan.

Update Credit to: MA

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