Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik feels helpless


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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik calling his driver. He asks Naira shall I drop you. Naira says no, Kairav and Vansh went with Naksh to Krishna, they are coming. He asks do you remember anything. She says no, lets forget it. He says truth is that we are fighting the court case. She says yes, we are just Kairav’s parents, nothing is common between us. She says I m just going to ATM, if driver comes, tell him, I will just come, Kairav knows that I came to meet a friend. Vedika sits crying and thinking of Kartik and Naira. Naira sees her and calls her out.

She says relax, its me. Vedika says that’s the problem, its always you. Naira asks what are you doing here. Vedika says I came to give some papers to Kartik, you said you will leave from our lives, why didn’t you go, where

were you last night. Naira says we got kidnapped, then I don’t remember anything. Vedika says someone kidnapped you and didn’t take any money or jewellery, they left you free. Naira says I don’t remember. Vedika says you found a convenient way. Naira says trust me…Vedika asks what about your lie, you told about the marriage, its good none doubted on your story, you are liars.

Naira says I have nothing to clear your confusion, we were under effect of the injection, I don’t remember, trust me. Vedika says I can never trust anyone now, I don’t want to try. Naira says please understand. Vedika runs. Naira asks her to come back. Kartik asks Naira, why did you get late, kids are waiting. Naira asks why did you make us stuck here, we won’t get anything other than troubles, why are you doing this court drama.

Damini reaches Goa. She says I had sent a man and he got arrested for drunken driving. She thinks to go to Naira’s house to get original document, its a big surprise. Kartik asks Naira to listen. She goes. He sees Vedika crying and leaving in the car. Naira asks the man to add chilli and give her spicy panipuri. She eats and cries. Vedika comes to her room and throws things. Kartik comes home and sees servant digging the soil. He asks him to go. He digs the soil, thinking of Naira. Nair asks the man to make it more spicy. Pallavi calls Vedika.

She asks why are you so angry, did Kartik say anything. Vedika says Naira… I don’t trust them, they will make me out of their lives. She tells everything. Pallavi asks her to calm down. Vedika says something wrong is going to happen. She throws her phone and cries. Suwarna asks what happened. She sends the staff. Kartik says I always loved Naira, I married Vedika, I don’t love her, she is my friend, I can’t console her, Naira is stubborn to take my child, I feel helpless, Naira gets away from me and I get hurt, people don’t know men’s pain, I wish to tell someone how much I get hurt, I look strong but I m broken within, I will always love Naira, I married Vedika because of family pressure, I couldn’t become her husband, when I see her crying…. I m not able to console her, I saw her crying today, I didn’t do anything, why didn’t Naira come back before and stop my marriage, why did this guilt come in my fate. He goes. Suwarna cries and says why is this happening.

Naksh asks Naira to have food. Devyaani asks why did you eat so spicy golgappas. Naira says I wanted to have it. Naksh asks her to drink it, her pain will get less. Suwarna says this pain won’t get less this way, where is Kairav. Naira says he is playing upstairs. Suwarna asks Naira to finish this case, Kartik is ready to withdraw the case. FB shows Suwarna going to Kartik. She asks him not to be stubborn and save his love. Kartik says other person is also stubborn. She says you have to change first. He asks do you want Naira to take my son and go. Suwarna says she won’t go, she didn’t wish to trouble you. He says she is stubborn. She says she is helpless, she isn’t stubborn. He says fine, tell her to promise me, she won’t take my child anywhere. She says fine, promise me, if she doesn’t go, you will take the case back. He says done, if she agrees, I will take the case back, else none can stop this. FB ends.

Suwarna says please agree for Kairav’s sake, husband and wife’s relation can break, Kartik and Kairav will always have a connection, your tension will end, just think if Kairav knows this, what will he think. Kairav looks on. Suwarna asks Naira to say. Naira recalls Vedika’s words. She says sorry Maa, just I will have Kairav’s custody, I will take decisions for him, Kartik can advice, but not command me, he started this case, I will end it, sorry I m helpless, you can understand me. She goes. Suwarna leaves.

Damini says we have no other option to get Kairav’s custody. She asks did Naira want this child, she had such cheap thinking. Kartik asks her to shut up, how dare she says this about his Naira. Naira cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thank god kartik spoke against damini if he didn’t I promise u I would have lost it. I feel like kartik’s intentions r right just his way isn’t. I mean he could have done this in a more mature manner…….. his anger rly does blind him…….

    1. Yes you are right Keke a about your prospective about Kartik ,. Now Keke you to look at view of prospective that is feudal duke position prince named Kartik again will show his mature manner by giving a threat of attempt to sucide front of the court to stop advocate Danimiji humiliat and insult his wife feudaless duchess position princess Naira

  2. This vedika is really selfish why can’t she walk out of kaira,s live 😡

    1. Athira Ramesh

      Exactly QD.. i felt bad for her at the first time😒. But now she is being so selfish.. 😡😡

  3. Bhai plz yaar milado ab dono ko, Bohot ho Gaya ab!

  4. Yes you are right Keke ,. But you also have to look my prospective ,. And listen my speech ,. Undstand me ,. Feudal duke position prince named Kartik will extend his mature manner by giving a threat of attempt sucide ,. Advocate Danimiji humiliat and insult his wife feudaless duchess position princess Naira

  5. Verma4

    Vedika akalmand ko isha hi kafi hota hai.

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