RadhaKrishn 11th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Reveals The Truth

RadhaKrishn 11th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna jumps high in air showing his Narayan avatar to Kans and kills him. Everyone rejoice seeing Kans dead. Krishna then closes Kans’ eyes. Radha watching it via Shuka’s eyes emotionally says Krishna won. Krishna addresses people that whenever someone crosses limits and becomes evil, his end will be for sure. He continues his moral gyaan. His parents hug him happily. In Barsana, lamps light with water. Kutila and Ayan are shocked to see that. Jatila returns from her parent’s house, and Kutila informs her what happened. Jatila asks if she has gone insane to imagine things. Kutila says she is not lying. Someone informs that Krishna killed Kans and won. Radha distributes sweets. Jatila yells at Radha. Ugrapath interferes and Radha asks if she will feed him only laddoo or food also. Radha says food is ready to be served. Ugrapath takes family home.

Mathura people felicitate and congratulate Krishna and Balram. Vasudev meets his friend Nand and tires to thank him. Nand asks him not to thank him for giving him a chance to upbring Krishna. After sometime, Devaki tells Krishna that she knows he is divine and god, so she wants him to get back her 6 dead children. Balram via telepathy asks Krishna not to do that, else people will know that he is Narayan. Krishna says Devaki maa has suffered a lot, so he has to fulfill her wish. He tells Devaki that his 6 brothers are in Paataal and he will get them for her sake. He calls each brother and toddlers emerge. Devaki and Vasudev emotionally look at toddlers. Krishnas says as per rules, they need mukti and Devaki can hug them once. Devaki says she is happy that her sons are getting mukti and hugs them. Krishna tells Balram that Devaki will forget everything except that her sons got mukti. He snaps fingers, gives mukti to his brothers, then erases Devaki’s memory. Devaki asks what is he doing here instead of celebrating for his victory. Krishna says she was describing about her sons’ mukti. She says yes. Krishna’s grandfather announces Krishna’s coronation ceremony tomorrow. Balram gets happy thinking his brother is becoming king.

Jatila confronts Ugrapath that he knows she is right and Radha is wrong, even then he supported Radha. Ugrapath says they are from a respected family, she shouldn’t have fought with Radha on road; because of Kutila’s challenge, Radha is mukhiya of 3 villages now. Radha asks them all to come and have food. Ugrapath asks Radha if she still loves Krishna, he is king now and has changed, so he wil not acknowledge her. She says she just wanted Krishna to win and is happy with his victory.

Precap: Ugrapath announces that according to the challenge between Radha and Ayan, Radha won and is the mukhiya/head of Barsana, he asks Radha if she is ready to become mukhiya. Krishna tells Balram that one more task is left for him.

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